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Do you want your promotional videos to be distributed in the top video sharing networks? Do you want to gain visibility for your website by marketing your videos in the right networks? Are you concerned that your videos are not performing well online and that it is getting poor response online? SubmitEdgeseo Video Submission Service comes as one of the best solutions for all the above needs. We offer highly effective video submission & distribution service that will enhance the online visibility of your videos by several times. Our video distribution & submission service is designed to improve your brand popularity and boost your brand image among the right audience.

You may have created brilliant videos for your promotional needs but if the videos are not promoted well, then the videos may not serve the purpose for which you have created them. SubmitEdgeseo video distribution service helps businesses get the highest level of visibility for your videos online.

Our video submission service will also get you good quality back links for your website from highly popular websites. Our video distribution & submission service is an all-in-one package whereby you will be able to promote your brand name, increase online visibility of your website and also get good quality back links for your website.

Video Distribution Service Packages
Package Name VDS - 1 VDS - 2 VDS - 3
Total no. of Distribution 25 50 100
Duration 10 Days 20 Days 40 Days
No. of Reports 1 1 1
Price $49 $89 $149

Video Distribution with Assured Link Building of Distributed Videos Packages

Package Name VDS & LB - 1 VDS & LB - 2 VDS & LB - 3
Total no. of Video Distribution 25 50 100
PLD Listing 125 250 500
SBM Submission 125 250 500
Duration 15 Days 30 Days 60 Days
Price $149 $279 $499

Special Features of SubmitEdgeseo Video Distribution & Submission Service

  • Top networks chosen for the distribution of your videos.
  • Fully manual video submission service. We do not use any automated software tools for submitting your videos to the video sharing networks.
  • Correct categories chosen for all the submissions to enhance the visitor quality to your website.
  • Our video submission experts will submit your videos in the correct category to get maximum advantage.
  • We take care of optimization of your videos before submission to ensure the best results.
  • We use both- Direct Upload and URL/ Embedded Code Submission as per the requirement of each video sharing site.
  • We take care of everything from account creation, registration and confirmation processes.

Benefits of Using Our Video Distribution Service

  • Get good quality back links for your website from higher visibility network. No reciprocal linking required.
  • Your website's online popularity increases with our video submission service.
  • Your brand name is made familiar among your target audience.
  • Our video submission service Helps your website gain increased online visibility.
  • There are multiple uses such as inviting viewers to your site, telling your prospective customers about your company and explaining about your products and services and so on.
  • You can engage your customers in an interesting way and thereby lead the competition in your industry.
  • Enhance your brand identity and brand profile online.
  • Increased visibility for your website from top social websites.
  • Get improved ranking in the search engines and drive good delete this sentence.
  • By using video marketing you will be using the trendiest marketing strategy to reach your customers.
  • As we optimize the videos in every possible way including choosing the best filenames, using the best keyword phrases, your keyword strength is enhanced dramatically securing you good positions in the top search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.


  • How do you market the videos?

    A. We submit the videos to number of online video sharing websites and Web 2.0 properties. This will help you to get instant visibility for your videos online. Also we provide five social bookmarking and five premium directory listing for each landing page. More Info..

  • Do you submit my videos to reputed websites with good popularity?

    A. Yes. All your videos will be submitted to well established and reputed video sharing sites with good popularity.

  • Do you submit the videos manually to the video sharing site or do you use any submission software?

    A. All the videos will be manually submitted to the most reputed video sharing sites. We do not make use of any automated video submission tools to submit your videos.

  • Do you provide username and password of video sharing site?

    A. Yes. After submission is completed we handover the username and password to the customer.

  • Will Google index my videos and video links?

    A. Yes. Google will index all the videos and video links that we create and publish.

  • Do you offer any assurance on the approval rate?

    A. You need not worry about the approval rate. We enjoy the highest approval rate in the industry. We assure an approval rate of approximately 90%.

  • Do I get any report on the completion of your video creation and marketing service?

    A. Yes. We will send you a detailed report once we complete the work on our video submission service and you can easily cross check on the submissions made.

  • Is the submission done by using different C-class IP's?

    A. Yes. We will use different c-class IP's for submitting the video on video sharing websites. It help you to avoid spamming and your video get high exposure from online visitors.