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What Is Proofreading Service?

If you have a corporate website or a professional blog, it is important that they meet professional standards. If your website content is full of grammatical errors and typographical errors, it will project a very bad image about your brand. Customers will not prefer to deal with a company that does not pay attention to details because it sends out a very negative message about your company and about your brand.

At another level, the content that you have posted in your web pages may not be search engine friendly because it is written either by you or by someone that does not have adequate SEO knowledge. This will put your brand to a great disadvantage when it comes to search engine ranking. Our proofreading service has been designed specifically to address these two major areas and to help you rectify these problems.

When you hire our proofreading service, we will review your content fully. Every single line of the page will be reviewed closely paying attention to all the finer details to make sure that your website's content is absolutely flawless and at the same time search engine friendly. We work with both US English and UK English. Our proofreading service can be used even for your academic proofreading needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Creative Website Content For SEO Services?

  • Website proofreading to rectify grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Website proofreading for making your content search engine friendly.
  • Academic proofreading to have your essays, assignments, dissertations and thesis proofread.
  • Proof reading for press release articles.
  • Proofreading of existing website content to give it a facelift and to make it sound professional.

    Our Proofreading Process

    To guarantee you with the fastest turnaround time, our company follows strict procedures so that no time is wasted in the proofreading process. :

  1. Customer selects a proofreading package based on his or her requirements and places the order. Customer sends the text to be proofread as digital files in Word Format.
  2. Once we receive the order, we will review your requirements and the text to be proofread. Depending on your niche or the nature of your proofreading requirements, we will assign the proofreading assignment to a carefully selected in-house proofreader. As we have a large team of proofreaders, you will not have to worry about your order having to wait in a long queue before it is processed.
  3. The assigned proofreader will work on your order immediately. The proofreading expert will review every single line of the text manually. We do not use any automated tools to proofread your work.
  4. Upon the completion of the task, the quality control team reviews the work.
  5. Once the work passes quality control tests, it is forwarded to the account manager who is responsible for the order execution.
  6. Fully proofread, quality checked content is forwarded to the customer for review and feedback.
  7. Based on the customer's feedback necessary changes are made to the text, the final content is sent to the customer and the order is completed.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Proofreading Service?

  • You do not have to waste your time and money hiring an in-house proofreader.
  • Highly experienced proofreading experts with several years of experience is employed to proofread and edit your work.
  • All the work will be manually proofread.
  • You will be able to raise the quality of your website content or your academic paper to professional standards with our proofreading service.
  • Your web pages will become search engine friendly, as we will make sure that the content is search engine friendly with the right keyword density.
  • Academic papers will be formatted to the required style.
  • All the proofreading work will be delivered on time.
  • You will have an account manager to execute your order without any glitches.
  • We charge very nominal rates for our proofreading service.
  • We provide exceptional customer service. You will receive round the clock customer support.

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