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What is Press Release Writing Service?

Press Release Distribution has become one of the most popular search engine marketing strategies. Search engines like Google give great importance to press releases because top search engines want to deliver their users with the latest information in every niche. Press releases by their very nature, communicate the latest information in a given niche to the internet community. As the content in the press releases is time sensitive, it compels the search engines to index them fast and list them quickly in the search results so that the internet users can consume the latest information. This is one of the reasons why Press Release Distribution is becoming a very popular search engine marketing strategy.

Many companies like to make use of Press Releases to promote their brand. However, they are unable to proceed further because they do not know exactly how to create impressive press notes and press releases that are newsworthy. Press releases should not be mistaken for marketing texts; the content in the press releases should share fresh news to the target audience. For the want of the required press release writing skills, many companies do not make use of this most powerful marketing strategy. There are some press release distribution companies that also take care of press release writing needs of their customers. However, customers do not get satisfactory press release articles from such service providers.

To help businesses that like to promote their brands online through Press Release Distribution, offers commendable Press Release Writing Service. You just need to send us your website URL or the URL that you would like to promote, the keywords and the message that you would like to share with your target audience. We will create interesting press release articles for your brand, which you are free to distribute in as many newsrooms as you desire.

Our Press Release Writing Process

We make use of highly systematic approach to our Press Release Writing service this helps us complete every single order in a timely fashion.

  1. As soon as the customer's order is received, the 'Orders Review Team' reviews the information submitted by the customer to check whether all the required information is available.
  2. Upon confirming that the team has all the required information for effective press release writing, the writing assignment is sent to an experienced press release writing expert.
  3. The press release writer reviews all the information presented and converts the information presented to a newsworthy press release articles. The press release is written for the human readers and not just for the search engines. However, the writer makes sure correct keyword density is maintained to get good online visibility.
  4. After the creation of the press release article, the content is presented in a standard press release format by the writer and forwarded to the quality control / editorial team.
  5. The editorial team runs a strict quality check on the press release article including complete proof reading.
  6. The editorial team forwards the quality-checked press release article to the account manager who is assigned to take care of the particular customer's order.
  7. The account manager sends the press release article to the customer.
  8. The press release article is revised as per customer feedback and sent back to the customer for final approval.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Creative Website Content For SEO Services?

  • Professional standard press releases guaranteed.
  • We can work with all types of niches and websites.
  • All the press release articles will be quality checked and fully proofread before it is sent to the customer.
  • All the press release articles delivered will be 'ready for distribution'.
  • We guarantee the fastest turnaround times for all your press release writing orders.
  • Only experienced Press Release writers with SEO background will be engaged for writing your press release articles.
  • We have a large team of press release writers and we can handle even bulk orders without any delays.
  • Press releases will be developed only after complete niche review to ensure highly engaging content.
  • You will have a dedicated account manger to process your order.
  • We guarantee excellent customer support. You can reach our customer support team 24x7.

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