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  • Writing Articles for Linking Purposes

    Writing Articles

    If you have a new website, article submission is the best way to kick start your link building.

    The added advantage of using articles to build links is that you can take advantage of your articles’ value – that is, if your articles do have value.

    Too many webmasters try to build links by creating many rewritten versions of one article to submit to as many places as possible without being hit with the duplicate content bug.

    The webmaster will go through the articles switching out paragraphs and substituting synonyms for as many words as possible until they think they have replaced enough content to make it look like a completely new article.

    The information is the same, but the writing style and ease of reading (assuming it was good content in the first place) is seriously compromised. Even worse are the webmaster that enlist the help of a computer program to switch all the words out for similar ones. The end product is often incomprehensible.

    Basically, this means that there is a lot of garbage out there. What is really exasperating is the number of clients who think this is SEO. Rewriting an article properly doesn’t consist of changing the words around and mixing up the order of the paragraphs. It means taking the information and adding a new slant, starting from square one with the same end goal but taking a different route to get there.

    They don’t think it really matters. As long as you have something to post with a link back to your site, that’s all that counts, right? Wrong.

    Every thing you do that links back to your site reflects on you and your professionalism, not to mention your websites value. If you promote garbage, people will think your site is probably full of garbage too.

    They might not even take the trip to see if you spent your money on the good stuff for your actual pages. You really can’t count on some idea that people will read a truly unintelligible article and say to themselves,

    ‘Oh, I but I bet the website is really good!’

    However, if your articles out on the web are high quality, they might not only pay you a visit, but bookmark your article, link to your site and hopefully buy your product!

    Your articles on the web and in directories are often the first glimpse consumers get of you, and you know what they say about first impressions! Make a good one. If you don’t feel qualified or are pressed for time, have your articles written by a freelance professional.

    Sometimes you can get a discount for volume on the same topic, as it cuts down on research time. Just don’t expect to get rewrites for peanuts; a truly good rewrite is almost as intensive to write as the original article. The only real difference is usually the amount of research required.

    This option does cost some money; if you only want to pay a few dollars per article you will be getting what you pay for – almost worthless content. However, if you are serious about getting good links by having valuable, informational and entertaining content, budgeting for article writing could be the best SEO decision you’ll ever make.

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