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  • Write A Top Ranking Article In 90 Minutes Or Less

    You can optimize almost any article to include relevant keywords in less than an hour and a half!

    All you have to do is a little research to figure out what phrases to use. Many niches are already overrun with big competitors snapping up the most

    common keywords, but you don’t have to fight for a sliver of the big pie if you can have some of the smaller ones all to yourself.

    For example, if I am working on an article for, say, a pearl wholesale site, the keyword phrases ‘pearl jewelry’, ‘pearl necklace’ and ‘freshwater pearls’ may be inundated with pages and pages from well known established sites. Trying to rank for these phrases is going to be a waste of time!

    However, by typing these phrases into Google’s research tool and adding some specifics, you can find keyword phrases with little or no traffic. Some won’t have enough search to make it worthwhile, but anything with at least 24 searches a day is worth something! That works out to a search an hour, or about 750+ searches a month.

    In the case of pearls, there are different types. Mabe pearls are half spheres, excellent for use in earrings and pendants. The terms ‘mabe pearl’ and ‘mabe pearls’ show some search, but also advertising dollars being spent, so they will be somewhat competitive. The term ‘pearls mabe’, on the other hand, gets over 800 searches a month, and has no competition.

    I can verify this by typing ‘pearls mabe’ into Google. The first listing is ‘mabe pearls’ – the rest are ‘mabe pearl’. There are zero results using the particular order ‘pearls mabe’.

    I find a few other keyword phrases with little or no search, and write my article. I use a primary keyword phrase in the title: ‘Freshwater Pearls – Mabe the Best Pick for Earrings!’. Then I craft my article detailing how mabe pearls are formed, why they are shaped the way they are, and different ways to use them – focusing on earrings.

    This article gives me the chance to use the words ‘freshwater pearls’ a few times, which helps the client in the specific field that they are working in, and also showcases a few other 1,000 or less searches per month keyword phrases. Using more than one means that this article could be pulled up in response to a couple of different searches – and increases exposure on the search engine.

    If ‘freshwater pearls’ gets 10,000 clicks per month, and you manage to show up on page three after a lot of work building links and fighting your way up, you might get ten searches a month that click through to your site – MAYBE. Then you have to realize that you may not have what they want, or they may decide to move on to another site.

    If there are even just 100 searches for pearls mabe a month, and you get almost every single one to click through to your site, you have a considerably bigger plate of pie! These consumers have confidence that you have what they need – and will be interested in staying and surfing your site. When you have cornered the market on some very targeted traffic in this fashion, your conversion rate can go through the roof.

    You can expect article like this, submitted to article directories, to increase your traffic as they shoot to the top of Google. Congratulations!

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