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  • Will Buying Traffic Do any Good?

    Have you ever considered buying traffic for your website? Will it do any good to your website? Are there any risks in buying traffic? If you are not sure what we are talking about here you just need to do a quick search using the keywords, “website traffic” in Google. You will see the number of sponsored links that sell this service. You can get 10000 visits to your website for as low as $8.95.

    If driving traffic to website is that easy then why are companies spending hundreds of dollars, their time and energy every month to promote their website online. Why can’t they spend under $10 every month and get 10,000 hits? If you are considering buying traffic to your website then there are number of things that you need take into consideration. The best way to start is to check with your friends whether any of them have used this method to send traffic to their website and whether it helped them in anyway.

    You will be able to hear from them the same stories that is repeated by all those people who used this approach to generate quick traffic to their website. First of all we are not sure whether the visitors to our website are real human users or whether it has been generated by software applications that send proxies to your website. One of the terms that will be stated by these companies that sell traffic is that they guarantee only traffic and they do not guarantee any sales or conversions what so ever. So this can possibly be software generated traffic that does not have any use to us.
    Secondly, even if the visitors are going to be real human visitors we cannot be really sure whether any of these people would be interested in our services. People who bought traffic lament that they got the promised hits but no links were clicked in the website and this is a clear sign of the poor quality traffic or hits.

    From the perspective of the search engines, when your website is going to show drastic change in the visitor traffic then it is going to set off the sirens. You might even be banned for using fraudulent approaches to generate traffic. Search engines such as Google will take it even more seriously if you have their adsense program running in your website. If your website has been receiving 100 visitors per week then getting 10,000 hits in two weeks period is going to raise suspicions.

    More than the good it can bring, the web traffic that you buy seems to have more disadvantages. We are not sure of the conversion rates, even if you want to try because of the cheap price involved, you might be risking the reputation of your website leading to unnecessary problems that will block your website’s success. Therefore, it is always good to stick to methods that have been proven safe.

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