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  • Why You Need an SEO Expert

    All businesses are trying to save money in every way possible. Finding ways to survive and to reduce losses during these financially difficult times is something everyone is trying to do. One of the areas where companies spend huge sums of money is website SEO. There are various ways of reducing our expenses on SEO if you know how to trim things down strategically. One of the ways that often comes to mind is to have an in-house expert in SEO. There are varied opinions about this approach, each valid, but one that is clearly superior for most.

    Some feel that having an in house SEO expert will help us cut down the costs a great deal. To a limited degree, this is true, but many people forget that SEO is ever evolving and constant training is needed – which takes time and costs money. Others think that outsourcing is what will bring savings. These two diametrically opposing views have their own pros and cons. Let us have a look a few of the pros and cons of having an in-house expert, then you decide for yourself.

    When you hire an in-house SEO expert, you will have to review many candidates and you cannot merely go by what their resumes say. People can build castles in the air and make you believe that they can deliver your every need and SEO related dream. They might have been successful in one aspect of SEO, but this does not guarantee that they will be successful in getting your website as lofty as their resume promises. While reviewing candidates, your website remains unutilized which costs you conversions. Even after recruiting a candidate, you will not be able to review the performance of the candidate for several months because SEO results are slow to come by. If you then realize your “expert” wasn’t so expert, you lost time and money via salary and lost conversions not to mention technical costs.

    On the other hand, when you outsource your requirements to an SEO Firm, you still need to review the companies before handing over your website’s SEO. The process is much easier though because successes, and definitely failures, will be easy to find on the webl. Moreover, you can get your money back guarantee from top SEO companies like Submit Edge – your in house SEO won‘t offer that. Here you are absolutely risk free. Here too the results may be slow to come by, but here you can take advantage of multiple talents of a team rather than being limited to a single person’s expertise. That is a major factor to consider.

    Often a group of people will be assigned to your website’s SEO at a fraction of the cost that you spend your in-house expert. Each will have their individual strengths they apply to your website. Moreover, when you hire a full time SEO expert, you will not be able to keep him occupied full time. He or she may have to spend long hours only in the beginning stages and once the SEO is implemented maintenance will not take the entire day so you may not get the best out of your investment unless you draw clear list of tasks to be performed by your SEO expert. That results in spending money you have no need to. It flies directly in the face of cost efficiency.

    On the whole, you are more likely to save when you outsource your SEO requirements. It may not be true in every case, but for nearly all businesses this is an axiom that holds true.

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