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  • Why Doorway Creation Software is a BAD Idea

    Door Clip Art

    Long ago and far away, there was a black hat tactic known as doorway page creation. It is mostly forgotten now, which is why some sneaky black hat SEOs are trying to revive the practice, calling it by a new name.

    It used to be possible to increase the number of entry points to your website and therefore increase your website traffic. There is usually a splurge of battles for top rankings and extra traffic during holiday season., but other seasonal trends also make this type of tactics attractive to some unwary SEOs.

    Black hat SEOs can either hand-create such pages manually, or implement  software to create multiple doorway pages, significantly increasing your numerical advantage as far as how many pages are on your site, and projecting the false image that you are an authority site with thousands of pages.

    Of course, manually you’ll have to just plug in cheap, fast content in order to get enough pages out, and software generated pages also will not have any valuable content that can be used by the visitors. The doorway pages might not even be stored in the same server as the website to protect the website and misdirect any investigation – search engines would be on the trail, then not realize there were hundreds more pages hosted elsewhere.

    Doorway pages get you into trouble because that they manipulate the search engines., taking advantages of loopholes in each engine’s ranking algorithm. Different doorway pages may have content that can please specific search engines. These pages won’t be shown to the real visitors in many cases (being mostly keyword stuffed gibberish) –  they are only meant for the search engines.

    Dynamic pages served based on the IP and other parameters set by the web master come up for the search engine, but  when a real visitor clicks the pages, suddenly they are automatically redirected to a different page on the website. It’s really just cloaking, done old school.

    Increasing keyword density using various keyword strings that do not make real sense allows these black hatters to get good rankings for the chosen keywords. If these pages are ranked well in the search engines, they can be used to send traffic to a particular page or website, often diverting the purpose of the search.

    Webmasters discovered using door way pages run the risk of having their website banned from search engines’  indexes. When banned by Google, 60 to 70% of  traffic can instantly disappear. Don’t be tempted to cloak or use hundreds of doorway pages on your site. Go with well put together landing pages, and keep your online reputation intact!

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