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  • Why Deep Linking and Fresh Content are Important

    Deep linking is simply having inbound links that go to a page other than your homepage. When you request links to your site, try to offer a valid url for a page that most closely relates to or interests the party you are getting the link from.

    For example, if you have a website dedicated to pet clothing, and you are seeking a link from a site devoted to cats, have them link to a page within your site that shows your items offered specifically for cats. Likewise, a dog oriented site can link to a page focusing on outfits for those of the canine persuasion.

    This will yield information of more direct interest to their readers, and will gain you not only the initial click through but possible additional ones as well; few people who can resist clicking on ‘Home’ just to see what else you might have available!

    A search engine will look favorably on websites that boast multiple one-way links into many different pages, and this can be a powerful way to raise the ranking of your site.

    One item to be careful of, however is duplicate content. If all your pages look basically the same, with only minor alterations, the engine will dismiss them as duplicates and your site rank will suffer. This is why it is so important to have as much different content on your site as possible. Making each page distinct and different will help keep your customers’ interest too!

    Fresh content can be invaluable to keep past visitors coming back and new ones surfing your site for longer. Search engines like to see sites being updated and new content added on a regular basis, so keep your site up to date and remember to go to linking sites and test your links on a regular basis. A link that turns up a ‘Not Found’ response does you no good at all, and could cost you potential customers.

    Title your new product pages “New!” or “Coming Soon!” and contact sites that post your links to offer them the updated url. Add internal links on your own pages to direct customers to your new products, and add a teaser on the new pages themselves such as “Check out our home page for more great offers!”

    As you experiment with adding fresh content and deep linking to your site, you should see an increase not only in the number of visitors, but the time each customer spends on your site investigating other pages.

    Happy Linking!

    **Tomorrow: What Outbound Links are Truly Beneficial?**

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