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  • Where to Get Content for Your Site

    Your site’s content is the main make or break you factor. If it is boring, poorly optimized, badly formatted and sloppily delivered, you are SO out of luck.

    If you don’t plan on writing your own content, hire a PROFESSIONAL ghostwriter, or freelancer to write articles for you. You’ll have to pay good money for good content and for the full rights, but it will be worth it – content on your site leads to conversions, and not just anyone can slap up stuff that visitors as well as search engines like!

    You can also get articles from the web from free content directories, but you will have to do strong linking to be able to beat out others already using the same content, so fresh is the way to go.

    If you do decide to use free content just to fill out your site, at least rewrite it in your own words to avoid duplicate content issues. Search engines are getting better and better at finding duplicated content on the web, and the site the content originated at is usually the choice for display unless another site uses it ion a more relevant manner.

    And rewrites means making a new, COHERENT article out of the old one, NOT just taking each sentence and using synonyms to replace as many words as possible, then shuffling the order of the paragraphs! Visitors will take one look at that mess and click away. You also shouldn’t be deceived by sites selling automated article generator programs to turn one article into a dozen – that’s even worse when it comes to quality!

    For example, this:

    “The dog breeding industry is not slowing, with many participants on the show circuit willing to pay high prices for pedigreed animals.”

    Could become this:

    “The canine business is faster than ever, as players on the movie round wish to afford lofty expense for origin livestock.”

    You can see unprofessional content like this on the web every day. This type of posting displays a lack of pride in your site, and can be terrible for business. Bite the bullet, use a professional and pay a little more for properly done articles. Strong content can float your site from day one, and with practice you can learn to write your own!

    You can also convince other webmasters to write content for you in exchange for a link back to their own site or blog, so consider asking around.  This is a good way to get free content of high quality. Once you have built up a good ten or twenty pages of excellent content, you can begin to build your site in earnest!

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