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  • Where is Google SEO Leading?

    Google has been lately bringing about multi-pronged, strategic changes to its algorithm. As a webmaster or as a business owner, you need to take cognizance of all these changes that Google has been making and you should try to get the bigger picture so that you will be able to gear your ranking efforts in the right direction.

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    One of the major changes that Google is pointing to is the fact that the search engine is not going to consider pagerank as an important factor any longer. Though we have been getting this information in bits and pieces from Google, the search engine has not made any official announcement that it is not going to use pagerank any longer. However, Google’s Matt Cutts has indicated that there will be no pagerank update this year. It has already been 8 months since the last pagerank update.

    The next change that Google made and probably that your website has already experienced the change is the algorithmic update that it made in the name of Hummingbird. With this update, Google is going more conversational with the keyword; this is Google’s effort to make the search engine more human like. The way it is going to interpret the keywords in the text has changed a great deal. It is really going to take experts with several years of experience in SEO writing to create what it really means to be a search engine friendly content. Your content provider should have good SEO background, excellent writing skills and at the same time up to date with the latest Google trends.

    At this juncture, you might also want to know that Google has emphasized authorship to the content. The authorship attribute has gained special significance today. If you have not been looking at this factor all along, then it will certainly be worthwhile to use the authorship attribute.

    Another content-based change that Google brought about in the search this year is the ‘in-depth’ articles. Google started featuring “in-depth” articles in the search results. This again will help you to prove that you are an authority in the given field if only you can capitalize on this update of Google. Try to feature three thousand to five thousand word articles that will drill deep into any given concept or idea in your niche so that your users or target audience will find it useful and resourceful.

    Google is forcing the webmasters to understand their audience better and the recent changes indicate clearly that Google is for providing the best user experience by delivering the best content to those who are searching for information online. You will have to start looking at SEO and your website’s ranking from a totally different perspective. This however is going to be a great challenge and you had better be prepared for the challenge. Stay away from those popular techniques that still talk about driving million visitors overnight to your website. Google has started dealing different set of cards all together and you have to play with those cards to win.

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