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  • What You Should Know About SEO Metrics

    One of the great truths of SEO is that metrics matter. If you don’t track your metrics or interpret them, you will not be able to refine your SEO strategies to achieve better results as algorithm updates take hold. Once you have identified what needs work, you must take steps to get your website back in order and complying with whatever whims the SERPs have regarding they type of content that is most favorable at the moment. In order to be successful in business, you should learn to interpret your metrics to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. It‘s all about working smarter rather than harder.

    Once you get into looking at your website’s statistics, they will provide you with information regarding the behavior of your website visitors to your website. If most of your visitors are from social media websites and article directories, then it shows that your off page optimization efforts and search engine marketing are the areas that you are doing the strongest in. if you don’t review the data though, you can’t know for sure and may find yourself putting your energy and resources into areas that you don’t need to.

    Tracking entry page analytics should give you insight about how your visitors find you and a very clear indication of which aspect of your SEO efforts is performing the best. Once you identify the strongest pages in your website, a number of factors fall under your control that can easily be worked on to get better search engine ranking for your website.  Make sure to have all the most important information regarding your site in those strongest pages so that you can increase the conversion rate. Traffic. If you aren’t converting, you aren’t going to be in business for long.

    Spend some of your time looking at visitor demographics as well. Every webmaster should  follow their website’s visitor data. You can also find the weakest pages in your website. If you are not paying attention to all these details and metrics, the odds are you will lose traffic over timer. These metrics help you identify what people are looking for so you can serve it up to them.  As far as SEO is concerned, remaining in the same position is equivalent to going back on your results if you aren‘t in the top 5. Your website’s visitor data will help you quantify your level of success with your SEO efforts in a visible way that you can key on improving every month.

    Don’t forget to spend time working toward getting your keywords stronger for local searches by using geographic qualifiers. If your service or product is limited to local destinations getting visitors from overseas destinations will not bring you the desired results. Another important type of data that you should track is the referring websites. The main key is to know what you have, how people are using it, and how to give them more of what they want so you can stay on top of the SEO mountain instead of spending all of your time trying to climb up it.

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