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  • What SEO Updates Should We Expect From Google In The Coming Months?

    It is always good to know in advance, what Google is planning and as a webmaster how one should be prepared to face the changes that Google implements in the near future. Here are some important updates that are to be expected from Google and these updates have been shared by Matt Cutts. In his announcement Matt Cutts was hinting about the launching of Penguin 2.0 because the announcement was made prior to Google Penguin 2.0 release. Many websites are already experiencing the effects of Penguin 2.0.
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    The next upcoming changes that were indicated by Matt Cutts include a closer scrutiny of the native advertorial. In his announcement Matt Cutts states clearly that webmasters and websites can engage in native advertorials and campaigns but it is essential that these advertorials do not pass pagerank to the advertised websites. Users should know clearly that a particular campaign is a paid for ad and it is not something organic. Google is going to tighten its belt against websites that sell links and pass on the pagerank. If you are doing that, then you are violating Google’s guidelines and Google is likely to come down strongly on such websites so better make the necessary amendments.

    Another factor Matt Cutts indicated in his announcement is that spam links will become less effective and Google will be rolling out an update along these lines in the coming months. If you are on a link building spree, then you should make sure that the strategies that you are using are safe. Stay away from all types of spammy link building approaches. Though this is not a new knowledge, now that it is coming out straight from the horse’s mouth in no uncertain terms, then you cannot take this factor for granted. Google will go for more sophisticated link analysis.

    Google will also be working on hacked sites; Google will upgrade its algorithm to detect better the hacked sites. Google is also planning to communicate better to webmasters on hacked sites and sites that host malware. Google is planning to create a one-stop-shop where the owners of the hacked sites can go to webmaster tools and find the required solutions.

    All these updates from Google are clearly aiming at making the internet a better place. You should be working constantly on your website meeting the continually changing algorithms of Google. Matt Cutts shares that if you are doing things correctly and if you are keeping things clean right from the beginning then you need not have to worry about all the changes that Google will be implementing. This however does not mean that you should turn a totally blind eye towards these changes that Google will be implementing in the coming months. What you need here is to work with an experienced SEO service provider that will help you with all your on going SEO maintenance requirements. You cannot set up your SEO once and forget all about it but constant revisiting is essential to fight the online competition effectively.

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