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  • What Does Google Say About Browser Compatibility?

    One of the most important webmaster guidelines from Google is to “Test your website to make sure that it (your website) appears correctly in different browsers.” This factor of course serves as trip-switch for your online success. Very often website owners do not check whether their websites are functioning correctly in all the top web browsers. It is mainly because of their lack of knowledge that websites behave differently in different web browsers.

    You should know that each browser treats your website’s coding differently. This means your website is going to behave differently in different browsers. It can affect the appearance of your website as well as the functionality of the website. Normally your web design company or your web development company will need to make sure that your website is compatible with all the top browsers. If you have been unlucky with your choice of web design company, this factor may have been overlooked. It is therefore one of the crucial questions that you should ask your web development company. Get confirmation from your web design or web development company that cross browser compatibility test has been performed on your website

    Google recommends that you test your website in as many browsers are possible. Google also recommends that you also test your website in different versions of the same web browser as your website may behave differently with different versions of the same browser types. This is mainly because with changes are incorporated to browsers with each update. There is no guarantee that your website users have the latest version of the browsers they use. So you need to make sure that everyone is able to access and use your website easily without any problem. Google encourages webmasters to use tools such as Google analytics to understand the nature of your website users. Google analytics will show you the predominant browsers through which users access your website. Using this data you can cross check whether your website is fully functional in the listed browser types.
    For the correct display of your web pages and the text, it is vital that you use character encoding. This will help the web browsers to understand your web pages fully. It is important that you test your web pages with text only browsers to make sure that users with no flash or with no java script enabled browsers do not face any problems.
    Clean HTML always pays; write uncluttered HTML. Make use of good HTML validation tools. There are numerous HTML validation tools online. HTML coding that is in compliance with W3C standards will indeed be a bonus for cross browser compatibility. You would have already learnt how difficult it is to get targeted visitors to your website. To lose your visitors just because your website is not compatible with one or the other type of browser will be a very big mistake on your part. It is time to perform a comprehensive cross browser compatibility test on your web pages.

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