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  • Ways to Link for Localized Search

    Localized Search

    Local search results are becoming a big wave as companies who do business off phonics games for kids line are seeking to expand by funneling online business to their store locations.

    There are a few good links to have that will boost you in local search results. You guessed it – local links! Link to other localized search results, and you will have a better chance of picking up extra traffic.

    Are you in a business that requires regulation at the city, county or state level? See if there is a way to get listed on a site affiliated with the regulatory committee. This could be as simple as drafting a press release showing how your company is complying.

    Do you belong to a business group? See again if you can get on their website; make it seem like a favor to their membership that you allow yourself to be listed as a resource!

    Do you deal with a local manufacturer or supplier? Offer to let them state that their products are used by you – with a link back to your site, of course!

    Are there any other companies in the business that are far enough away that you don’t compete? This is a good place for a reciprocal link – you can direct business to each other and people will appreciate it.

    Give to local charities – and ask for a link in return. Likewise, ask local businesses to donate to a company run event, and then tell them they can have credit for the donation by posting it on their own site – again, with a link!

    Link to yourself from blogs, forums, and personal sites – always with a careful eye – make sure this is allowed so you don’t get banned for spamming. This will encourage others to visit you, and perhaps to link themselves!

    Contribute your wisdom and expertise online by offering to consult or write free articles for blogs and websites – as long as you are able to get a byline with a link.

    Linking sometimes can be reciprocal, so don’t be afraid to swap. There are reasons for reciprocal links, particularly when you are trying to increase traffic other than that which comes from a high SERPs ranking.

    As long as your reciprocals are relevant, they aren’t going to hurt you. A local business is a little different from the dog-eat-dog online marketing world; a little good-will spread around your home town can result in your name being whispered in the right ears.

    Just steer clear of owing to many linking favors, or add a no follow to links that don’t help you. Better, you can relegate all such links to a ‘sponsors’ page, add a few nice touches, maybe a photo of your business or family, and disallow the page.

    This can make the search engine ignore the links that do you no good, and still keep your blogger friends and family happy. Of course, they will give you free advertising on their own blogs or sites, right?!

    Remember not to neglect the local market as your business goes world wide on the web!

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