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  • Utilizing Your Content on the Web

    SEO is all about getting your site noticed. You are intensely pursuing the traffic that can come your way by a top ranking on the SERPs. You have probably scattered content in the form of articles, video and graphics all over t

    he web in an attempt to gain those precious back links and the requisite PageRank.

    Did you realize you can utilize those articles still further by making them lead directly to conversion sales or additions to your subscription list? Don’t underutilize your content. There is so much more it can do besides provide SEO for your site – you can make it become a traffic driver in its own right.

    The main idea for most articles written for publication in directories, etc, is to provide valuable information. There is no rule that you have to provide ALL the information. Using teaser articles to lead customers back down the path to your site is a perfect way to increase traffic as well.

    Instead of just writing one article, write a series of three. Include enough information in the first one to make it valuable enough to keep the attention of the searcher, but leave a question unanswered, and provide a teaser text at the end ‘Learn more…’, ‘Find out what…’ etc. Let them follow the lure back to your site or blog.

    The second section should be even more helpful, but still withhold a key piece of information and leave the visitor looking for more. Then you can set the hook by promising them the secret to success if they just ‘click here’. This should send them to a squeeze page.

    You third portion is devoted to one thing. The conversion. You are attempting either to make a sale or get the visitors email address or other info for a subscription list. You do this by promising one more time that they will have what they need as soon as they make the purchase or fill in the required fields.

    This is your hard sell page. You can offer a free eBook or other gift for filling out the subscription field, or make the proffered sales item a ‘one time special’ or buy now for free shipping. These are proven techniques that result in high conversions.

    All three articles should run between 300-500 words, and be search engine optimized as well as friendly and personal. Using the first person “I had great success with” etc is a great way to gain trust. Add a few testimonials from people who have benefited.

    Most importantly, once you have gotten wht you wanted, DELIVER. You want repeat customers and referrals, so make sure the customer leaves happy. Don’t string them along if you don’t really have anything to offer them, and don’t use false testimonials or reviews – you will eventually be exposed and lose all your credibility.

    Once you have learned to utilize your content to its full potential, you should see a rise in your non engine traffic and your conversion rate will begin to multiply!

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