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  • Twenty Ways to Obtain Valuable One-Way Links

    One-way links are the most important, valuable resource you have to drive traffic to your website. When they qualify as ‘quality links’ under search engine guidelines, they exponentially improve your chances of high ranking. Alone, they may even outstrip online searches as a direct provider of website traffic!

    A one-way link is simply a link to your website from an outside source that you do not have a link back to, either reciprocally or indirectly such as a three way link. The more valuable the site that links to you is, the more valuable you are considered to be.
    What follows is a comprehensive list of the top twenty tactics to obtaining one-way links. Remember, all links are not created equal!

    Create the very best website you can. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you do have to invest creativity and time. People are always looking for superlative websites to link to.

    Have good content on your site. Strike that – have great content! The more informative and user friendly your content is, the more people will link to you.

    Have accurate content. If your information is current and correct, people will start viewing you as an authority and link to you. Maybe they will tell their friends, too!

    Track down similar sites, and request that they publish your articles. Make sure your article has an active link for their readers.

    Submit your site to major directories. Make sure you are in the appropriate category.

    Write short articles or helpful tips for newsletters and submit them for publication, again with a working link to your site.

    Participate helpfully in forums and discussion boards that allow your signature to contain a text link to your site.

    Locate a popular site in your niche, and offer to write a free, regular column. Make it lively and interesting, and include your site link in your byline.

    Blog. If you can start and maintain a successful blog, you can encourage your readers to link your site and tell their friends.

    Write regular press releases and submit them to online publications and news wires for publication.

    Offer a free e-book or other easily distributed material that contains links to your site. Create an easily copied link and post it on your site to advertise the freebie and encourage visitors to share the link with others.

    Write product testimonials. Submit to company websites; often these will publish your comments along with the link to your own site.

    Locate directories that are specific to your industry and submit your site to them.

    Look for sites that are well established and make a case to them as to why they should link to you. Again, the more respected they are, the more respected you become by association.

    Buy ads in newsletters in your field that are archived online.

    Join business associations which list their members’ sites online.

    Consider providing free software tools that require a link back to your website. Make sure whatever you provide is top-quality; just one unhappy customer can do you a deal of damage.

    Dedicate a page of your site to FAQ; these are very popular and if you provide easy to understand information, you can get people to share the link as a helpful tool.

    Promote your site wherever possible by maintaining activity in the online community. Include your link in your byline or signature wherever possible. Present a professional image at all times; this will increase your credibility and that of your site.

    Finally, simply ask. Ask your friends to mention you in their blogs and forums, and to include a clickable link.

    Happy Linking!




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