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  • Top 10 Google Adwords Tips To Help You Succeed

    It takes a lot more for you to succeed in marketing your website online. Many people these days are in need of good Google Adwords tips and pieces of advice to enhance the revenue earned through online advertising. Obviously, there are definite rules for advertising that make the viewers have a look at particular ads and thus helping people drawing traffic. Here are the top 10 tips that I found effective, through which advertisers can learn their way to increase their earnings by getting more visits from the prospective customers:

    1. Backlinks To Appropriate Landing Pages:

    In a search engine result, people land to many mail links, banner advertisements, PPC or pay per click ads and many other ad links. The pages they are transferred to after clicking on these ads are referred to as ‘landing pages’. The landing page may vary from a website’s homepage to other relevant pages, but it is always arranged in a way to attract a target audience who click on a particular link, ad or banner.

    Landing pages had better not be your website’s homepage, unless your homepage itself is a sales page. The better option is to design a webpage in a particular style for a specific ad with helpful, original information to attract customers searching for that information. A visitor is likely to be more convinced with an aesthetically pleasing webpage that is dedicated for that specific purpose rather than a website homepage, which is usually more distracting and busy.

    Should you need help in coming up with an effective and attractive landing page, you can always consult with your and ask them to create a specific landing page for each ad that you release. This way, you will lead your potential customers to the right path where they can become actual paying customers.

    2. Optimization Of Your Campaign Settings:

    Your visitors are the ones who make it work in terms of driving more traffic to your site. It is suggested to choose only the ‘Google Search’ under the ‘Network’ option if you are a newbie with Google Adwords. Selecting ‘Search Network’ and ‘Content Network’ indicates that you want your ads to be found on additional networks. It is supposed to get you more ‘clicks’, but this may not get you more ‘sales’. It is responsible in lowering you ‘click through rate’ that Adwords is known to dislike. Make sure you optimize your campaign settings to ensure success.

    3. Experiment With More Than One Ad:

    You are encouraged to experiment with more than one ad at a time with relevant Google Adwords feature. This will allow you to have knowledge about the higher CTR or click through rate yielding ads. We recommend you to test with 3-5 ads simultaneously, each of them having different eye-catching headlines and appealing descriptions beneficial to the potential customers. Once you find out which one of your ad are giving positive results, you can delete the other ones. If you update your ads on a weekly basis, you will get more customers visiting your website wherein they get to see the new ads. Besides, having the same thing over and over again might bore or cause people to lose interest as well.

    4. Keyword Optimization For Your Ad:

    Amazing results with Google Adwords requires selecting great and appropriate keywords. These keywords will lay the path of your success, and that too at a lower cost. You can use Word tracker, which is an excellent way for you to research for good keywords, phrases and long tail keywords. The keywords you find appealing and appropriate should be used in your advertisement description as well as in the header. This is essential, as Google shows these keywords in bold forms in search results.

    Keep exact keywords or phrases brackets, which is necessary as Google emphasizes on this for Adwords CTR. Your ads must have a 0.5% to 1% CTR in order to appear in Google search results for every thousand delivered impressions. Whenever your keywords are not effective, it will cause you to have lesser click through rates. If this happens, you might not get the results and traffic that you desire for your site with the use of the ad.

    5. Advertise Your Benefits:

    First decide which of your products or service you find the best. Then describe them in your ads. For example you can show them that they can lose weight fast, look younger instantly, or earn more money etc. Never forget that visitors are searching for information that could be beneficial and useful to them. So, if you have something to offer, never leave it out of the ad. Otherwise, they would not know what they would gain should they decide to click the ad. You have to be creative in sending this message across without having to write long phrases. Make sure you keep it short and catchy for the ad to be effective.

    6. Start With An Attractive Word Or Phrase:

    Your headline is your first chance to grab the attention of a customer, and even in that, the first word is what your customers see at a quick glance. So start it with something that attracts a client instantly, like “New, Free, More, Sale, Discover, ” etc. Try to avoid the word “Best” as it might not grab the attention of the Internet users. There are many more words that you can use to entice people to click on your ad; you simply have to be creative and unique when doing this. You can hire an experienced copywriter to help you with this if you are unsure yet about what to write, but if you are confident enough you can do it yourself to save on costs.

    7. Move Your Visitor Emotionally:

    If you can touch a viewer emotionally, that will bring you the best result in turn. Many people are going crazy looking for solutions to their everyday problems. Customers are bound to click on an ad that looks like a solution to their imminent problem or issue. Also, it is also most likely that they will click on the ad if it offers something that can make life easier and more convenient for them.

    Some words never fail to get positive results, such as Sale, Save money now, Learn, Discover, Special Offer, Cutting Edge, Secrets Tips, and Tricks. Use these words the right way on your ad copy and you will certainly attract your target market to click on your ads. Remember that it’s the people who read your ad, so make sure that you appeal to them and touch their lives in some way to attract them.

    8. Include Specialized Selling Proposal:

    USP or Unique Selling Proposition is known to work great in ads. Your USP helps you stand out in the crowd and draw attention to your ads. Use attractive keywords in describing your product to make it the bestselling one. uses the phrase ‘the best prices and great rewards,” which works pretty well for them. Think of something unique to business, product or services and make sure that you highlight it on your ads. This way, people will know what to expect from clicking the ad, just make sure you live up to what you promised in the ad.

    9. Do Not Use Unnecessary Words:

    Adverbs, articles like ‘the, a, an, on, in, it, of’ etc. are useless in ads, so do not use them. Use only precise words that make good sense, like use ‘Learn internet marketing fast’ instead of ‘Learn how to start a business in internet marketing fast’. Use symbols instead of words where possible. For example: Use ‘&’ instead of the word ‘and’. Remember, your ad should be short and sweet as most of the time, you will need to meet a character limit anyway. Also, Internet users will see your ad along with all other ads and content so they might not notice your ad if it takes them too long to get your point.

    10. Cut Off The Freebie Seekers:

    There are many people clicking on ads solely to find out if they can get something ‘free’, and never opting for actually buying anything. To avoid such kinds of people, it is better to include the charges of your product or service in an ad so that only potential customers click through it and not the freebie seekers who unnecessarily lower your click through rate. This way you will also be able to cut costs on Google Adwords by making every click worthy. You do not want to pay for clicks that did not convert into an actual purchase. Although it is inevitable that not all people who click on your ad will buy something, you would still want to do your best by minimizing this occurrence.

    Your Google Adwords can be successful when you follow these tips itemized above. Make sure that you use these tips and in time you will see a much better conversion rate of those people that click on your ads. When you create a compelling ad, develop an excellent landing page, and offer the people something they couldn’t say no to, your Google Adwords campaign will be highly successful and soon you will see a very good return on investment. Your earnings will increase, and you will see a very good amount of new customers purchasing your products.


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