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  • Three Most Important SEO Factors for 2014

    In a couple of months we will be moving to 2014 and as a webmaster, you need to have a keen eye on the constant changes that are happening in the SEO industry. It is not going to get easier for the webmasters in the coming year. Many unconventional changes are being made by the search engines. It is not just the internet and the allied developments that mark these changes. There are number of other factors that decide the course of changes that are taking place on the web.
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    One such important change comes from the field of the new web enabled gadgets that are plaguing the market today. One of the game changers for 2013 has been the touch sensitive devices that have forced new changes in the way websites are designed and in the way search engines are required to make changes to the way they captured the data and presented them to the internet users. The advent of the touch sensitive devices has brought about multifaceted changes in the industry. If you want to win the race you need to take cognizance of all these changes that are happening currently and also to foresee the changes that are likely take place at least in the subsequent year.

    Three most important SEO factors that are likely to affect the SEO industry can be listed below:
    1. The use of touch sensitive devices will increase further in 2014 and a major portion of your website’s traffic will be from these touch sensitive hand held devices. You will have to create websites and optimize them for these devices. Your optimization techniques have to focus more on the internet users that have immediate needs and people that are browsing for last minute guidance before making a purchase. This simply means your keyword choices will have to be attuned to this scenario.
    2. Not only hand held devices are touch sensitive today but we are moving into the next phase of computer era which is having a bright scope in gadgets with tactile responses. This also includes touch sensitive laptops and touch sensitive desktops. This again has to be taken into account when you are designing your websites and optimizing your landing pages.
    3. Google is making its search more conversation like and we can expect more along this area. You will have to make your website’s content match this parameter. On the one hand, it has to be professional and on the other hand, your website’s content should have a conversational tone.

    Start paying attention to these factors so that you will be stepping into 2014 in a more prepared manner and that you will not be caught unaware. Most of the changes that are happening in the SEO industry are more evolutional in nature rather than overnight changes. You just learn to be perceptive about these changes and brace yourself accordingly to enhance your online presence and to enjoy the expected ROI.

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