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  • Things You Need to Know About Your Site

    The following is a handy list I came across of things you should know about your site in order to be able to improve constantly across the board:

    * Search Engine Ranking

    This is a gimme. If you know where you are, you know where you need to go from there and can plan accordingly, or if you are at the top you can plan how to stay there.

    * Inbound Links

    Who is linking to you, and why? If you know the answers, you can continue to improve your linking game.

    * Google Page Rank

    Page Rank means you are juiced – if you know how much you have, you can figure out how to get more and how to distribute it among your own site.

    * Time on site

    Knowing how long a consumer stays lets you know if you have a bad bounce rate or if you can tweak your page order to draw them in. If they hang around, you know your site hierarchy is good!

    * Pay per click dynamics

    Finding the keywords that REALLY pay off is key to a good ad campaign.

    * Returning visitors

    Who eats the cookie and comes back for more? This lets you know who your target demographic really should be.

    * Abandonment rate (Particularly Checkout Abandonment or Contact Forms)

    When do visitors bail? Yo9u have to know where before you can figure out why and stop it from happening.

    * Page views per visitor

    Back to time on site – this breaks it down and lets you know which pages are holding interest.

    * competitor’s sites

    What your competitors do affects you. Know their game plan, and work it to your advantage!

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