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  • The World of SEO is Changing – Change With It!

    If the Google updates have taught us anything it is that what works today may not work tomorrow. Times change and you have to change with them or perish. Competition for web traffic is more cutthroat with each passing day. You have to find ways to hold on to the audience you already have and still expand. You have to take whatever changes come your way and keep moving forward.
    The World of SEO is Changing - Change With It!
    One of the most challenging tasks an SEO deals with is keeping up with the many changes that Google rolls out on a continual basis. Not all changes are big, many are small tweaks that go largely unnoticed. There are some steps that can be taken to create content that will withstand pretty much any changes that come along.

    If you create high quality content that supplies relevant information, you are always going to be pretty safe. That is the type of content that every SERP wants to champion in the first place. One of the things to avoid is over optimizing your content.

    Keyword density is being stressed far less than keyword placement in your content as well as providing content that is just plain old reader friendly. Don’t jam your keywords in paragraphs more than once if possible, and don’t create awkward phrases to work them in. Write naturally.

    Linking will help you gain favor with Google. It is perfectly fine to include one or two contextual links in your articles. Ideally, you want these contextual links to lead to another one of your articles that is relevant to what you are crafting. If not, try to make sure you link out to the highest PR, most relevant page possible. Quality content with relevant links tends to lead to more incoming links and eventually create a snowball effect of quality inbound links.

    Google will penalize you for having too high of a ratio of ads to content on your page – particularly above the fold. They don’t, however, hold themselves to the same standard, so go figure. Try to keep your ads to as low a level as possible, and then try to focus them to the lower half of your webpage. Some SEOs also suggest keeping embedded video below the fold when possible.

    If you follow these steps for better SEO, you should get through any Google algorithm changes with minimal impact. It is far easier to make minor adjustments as needed than totally revamp your website. If you do find yourself in need of help, contact an experienced, reputable SEO company for guidance.

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