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  • The Problem and The Solution

    To successfully market a product, you have to convince a person that they need it. To convince them they need it, you have to point bout that they have a problem, get them good and worried about it, then offer them a solution – your product.

    It’s kind of like giving someone a tic-tac.

    This is why it is advantageous to title articles on your site as a question.

    “Can Dogs Really Catch Cold?”

    Anyone who has a dog and lives where the winters get chilly will be immediately attracted to a title like this. You have successfully raised the question. Next, reinforce the idea, and play on the customer’s emotions. Fear and worry are two of the greatest motivators – and so is guilt.

    “Many people don’t realize that our four legged friends can be just as miserable as we are when cold weather strikes. Dogs can catch colds just like people can!”

    Now, start fleshing out the idea of the poor pooch shivering in the cold.

    “If your dog hesitates at the door before scratching to go out, and is cringing from stepping on the icy sidewalk, they are probably uncomfortable!”

    Keep going, and serve up a new problem that brings a graphic, unpleasant picture to mind.

    “You pet may be in such a hurry to return to the warmth of the indoors that they may neglect their business, causing unpleasant messes later on!”

    Now that you have the consumer thoroughly worried, set their minds at ease.

    “Fortunately, you can spare your furry friend the discomfort of excessive cold and make those outside trips far more comfortable.”

    Here comes the pitch – easy, keep it general.

    “With a warm doggie coat and boots, your family pet will enjoy the daily jaunts outdoors, and run less risk of becoming ill from exposure.”

    Compare the two scenarios once more to make sure they get it.

    “Instead of a displaying a shivering, tail tucked down, bedraggled demeanor, your pet can playfully gambol even on the coldest day!”

    NOW you can name your product / company:

    “PetsStyles has a complete line of doggie, coats, hoodies, sweaters and boots for dogs of all sizes. Check out their reasonably priced selection today -”

    (Hammer it home one more time – guilt is good!)

    “- and keep your best friend in the warmth and comfort they deserve!”

    See how easy that was? You can flesh it out with a little research on dogs, colds and pneumonia, throw in some descriptive phrases about the product, and finish of with a few embedded links to encourage click-throughs.

    The idea of naming the problem and proffering a solution is almost unbeatable, and can be a good way to increase traffic to your site. It could work well as a pre-sell page for an affiliate as well, and make you some extra income that way.

    Never underestimate the power your content can have if properly utilized! You just might be more convincing than you think.



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