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  • The Importance of Link Popularity to Your Website

    Something that you should never forget as a responsible, on the up and up webmaster, is to regularly check your website’s link popularity. By now you would have known that your website’s search engine ranking depends a great deal on your link popularity. In a large majority of cases, your link popularity may very well be the only factor that differentiates your website and your competitor’s website for the search engines. So you must monitor your link popularity very closely to ensure that you are maintaining a positive competitive advantage.

    One of the factors that does not occur to far too many webmasters is that their link can could drop as easily as it goes up. Even though you may be thinking that certain links are permanent, they may not be. There could be  many things that could go wrong which cause your link count to drop. Your linking websites may have been upgraded which is one possibility. If so, the links could have been deleted or the linking websites may have been taken down entirely. Search engines may have removed the linking websites from their index. Another possibility is that the blog administrator to which you have posted your website’s reviews may decide to clean up their blog and removed your link. There are many other things that could take your links down – far too many to enumerate. Unless you check your link popularity you will not know exactly what your link count is.

    This is important for staying ahead your competition. To this end, you need to ensure that you check not only your website’s link popularity but also your competitors’ link popularity. Because if your competitor has taken a very aggressive link building efforts and if there is a huge difference between your website’s links count and your competitors’ links count, then in the next update you will be pushed down the search results. Knowing this as early as possible allows you to react appropriately to lose as little ground s possible.  Even a few numbers down the search result can have major negative effects on your search engine ranking. You need to therefore make sure that you enjoy better link popularity than your competitors.

    One of the most common ways of checking your website’s link popularity is to make use of the following search syntax in Google:

    This easy to use search will return all of the links indexed by Google for your domain. This however may not show you an accurate status of your link popularity at that time. For more accurate results, you really need to use other link popularity checking tools which are widely available online. It helps to cross check your link popularity using more than one method. By doing this, it will give you a clearer picture of what is going on even if there are any discrepancies in the link popularity results.

    It is a big mistake to not check your website’s link popularity on a regular basis. Only when you check your link count regularly can you identify which is the best link building strategy for your website. This is also important in determining whether or not you are getting your money’s worth when you hire a link building company to boost your link popularity. If there is no improvement, you need a new company to work with. When it comes to website ranking, only indexed links count. There is no point getting links from websites that use ‘no follow’ attribute. If you have been checking your website’s link popularity, it is high time that you start monitoring your link popularity right away. Your competition is!

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