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  • Tags and More – Tips for SERPs Results

    The description tag is the summary text that shows up in your search ‘ Learn more here snippet’. A good, compelling description tag will encourage more folks to click on your result. Google now allows longer tags, so make the most of it!

    The title tag shows up at the top of your search result listing. A well-written title tag will also persuade more folks to click, and should be utilized to include keywords as well.

    Make sure your description and title tag match the page to which they belong. You need to accurately represent, so people will trust your results and know they will get what they expect when they click on your listing in the search results.

    Track your traffic to and conversion rates of your landing pages. Every page on your site is a potential landing page. Search engines choose the page they’ll list in the rankings, so watch the pages that draw search traffic and backtrack. Discover which keywords that are generating traffic to those pages. Then work on revamping those pages so they make sense in context of those keywords.

    Analytics are your friend. Watch time spent on each page. Test those pages over and over and watch your conversions top out.

    Keywords generate organic traffic. What keywords are generating your traffic? Are they branded or not, and can you start filtering in your brand name?

    What is your bounce rate from organic search visits? How many visitors look at one page and leave without clicking to another page? The higher your bounce rate, the more conversions you are losing.

    Remember that you have to keep working on your site after you set it up. One time SEO is worth about as much as one time birth control. You have to keep your site from losing customers, which means you have to keep improving your presentation and keeping up to date so that others won’t come along and knock you off of your spot high up in the SERPs.

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