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  • Staying Away From Link Spamming

    One of the questions that was asked to Matt Cutts recently in the Webmaster Help is, “What was the biggest surprise for you in 2012? The question was posed from the perspective of web spamming. While answering the question Matt Cutts points out that it is surprising to note why so many people naively subscribe to link spamming programs and packages in the online forums. Though from Matt Cutts perspective it can be highly surprising to him to note how easily business owners and webmasters can be fooled to buy something that will put their websites to risk, but from the perspective of a business owner or a webmaster, it is not all that surprising.

    Let us assume that my sales is dwindling day by day and I am trying hard to make the ends meet. To make things difficult the global economic recession takes its toll and added to that the online competition continues to increase. All these build huge pressure and as a webmaster or business owner that is struggling to make one’s business a success I will certainly be desperate to try every help that I could get. I would certainly want that miracle to happen that will make my website number one over night or at least in couple of weeks. Given this backdrop, thought subscribing to dubious programs and packages may sound reasonable; this however does not mean that it is the right path. Google and other search engines are not going to tolerate such an approach. Matt Cutts asks us to be little sceptical about link programs and link packages that you are about to buy online.

    Today there are number of dependable methods to promote your website. If you are not sure, what they are or if you do not have enough time to identify and use those techniques, work with reputed SEO and link building service provider like ours. You can delegate this task to a professional SEO company with good reputation in the industry whilst you concentrated on the other core aspects of your business rather than trying to achieve overnight success using risky approaches.

    All the search engines including Google are tightening their belts against web spam. If you are serious about your brand reputation and about growing your business, you should make sure to stay away from such risky approaches. Though it is highly tempting to use these cheap packages, you should ask yourself if the method or the package that is being sold is so effective then why not the person promoting his or her business through those strategies rather than selling the package to you. This is exactly the question Matt Cutts wants you to ask yourself before walking into such traps yourself. Always remember to ask whether something is too good to be true and in most cases, it is. There is no need to take such risks today, there are tested and proven, legitimate strategies that are available to promote your website and to drive traffic to your website, make use of such strategies.

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