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  • Simple and Quick SEO Tips

    It is not very uncommon to see people overlooking the most obvious and the simplest things while engrossed in problem solving. The same applies to SEO and SEO professionals tool. Here are few such factors that are overlooked, ignored or taken for granted by the webmasters.

    The first and foremost trick is with regard to the title of the page; how often we forget to include the keywords into the title of the page. Stuffing of keywords in the title is equally bad as not having title in the search engines. If Google loves your website or web pages then consider adding more keywords and if you consider if you have a long way to go to reach Google then drop some of the keywords from the title and keep only few targeted keywords. Moreover, you will increase the chances of your website getting listed on top if you know the most commonly used modifiers in your business vertical. Some of the universal modifiers include affordable, best, top 10, cheap, easy etc. While writing your titles remember that you are not optimizing your website for your company’s name you must rather be paying attention to having your website optimized for the services you offer or the products you are selling. What is implied here is that you must not have your company name as the starting word of your page title; it should rather be starting with one of the most important services that you offer or the product that you sell. You can safely move your company name to the end of the title.

    How often we pay attention to the headlines and how many webmasters know the importance of headlines in SEO? You can use two to three layer headlines formatted accordingly with h1, h2 and h3 styles. Heading 1 will be the main subject of the page and heading 2 will be expanding on the heading 1 on the same topic with keywords that you are targeting for that page. Do not over do the keywords because you might trigger the search engine’s suspicion.

    These are really basic fixes that we can implement to our website but all these do matter and will take us a long way in fine tuning the pages. In our enthusiasm to see faster results we will try to ignore some of the ground rules which often put us into trouble. In order to be successful we need to maintain balance and the search engines are really sensitive about factors often we consider as little things. The navigation menu is an excellent place for inserting keyword and for creating contextual links within the site. This is often totally forgotten even by the experienced SEO professionals. Often the menu items read as products, about us, services etc., instead it will be much more effective if we use menu names like “SEO services” “About SEO Company” etc.

    Let us stick to only white hat SEO tricks and refrain from all black hat tricks; often we can bring about great results by paying attention to small things like the ones discussed above.

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