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  • Should Domain Names Be Filled With Keywords?



    Search marketers focus on having the names of their domains filled with keywords. However, they fail to put emphasis on the URLs of their web pages and their effect on the ranking of one’s blog. Get back to the previous statement since it is something that can be quite deceiving.

    Should domain names be filled with keywords? This query is simply unbelievable. It is just sad how numerous individuals even consider the said question. Actually, a domain name can have those keywords or not.

    An effective Internet marketing strategy is not comprised of the URLs of your web pages, the domain names that you have created and even the keywords that you are planning to use. Websites such as, eHow, and Wikipedia are enough evidences for the statement above. Search engine optimization may involve keywords but spare your URL pages and domain names from all that if you have to.

    Can keyword optimized domain names help you? Yes, they can. Search engines still look at this part of your website but their impact is really not that great as you would expect.

    However, if you try to mention the phrase “Where to Buy a Cheap Pair Of Dress Shoes” in your website often enough, then you can certainly bring a visitor to your blog initially. However, if you post the same thing over and over again, you will eventually get them irritated with your site afterwards since you actually do not have the information that they needed.

    Doing the step above is simply giving individuals the wrong impression about your site and further dream that they would pay attention to your widgets, form start or ads. Mind you, this scenario does not happen everyday.

    Why Must Domains Stay Keyword Free?

    SEO does not require you to mix and match things such as your domain names with those keywords. Matching domains will not give you the high ranking that you want. The topic “Where to Buy a Cheap Pair of Dress Shoes” can easily have a high level of visibility with a totally unrelated URL. Any search engine would not mind.

    Search engine optimization considers a lot of factors. Thus, if you put too much emphasis on your URLs, then you will not get your desired number of visitors in the time frame that you want. Never follow the principle that for each keyword that you have discovered, then there must be an equivalent page for it. This strategy is not effective at all and it leads to poor management of one’s blog.

    You can fill the Internet with a huge number of web pages that only have slightly changed keywords in their URLS and titles, but do remember that the trend in the online business is a very dynamic one. Visitors get smarter everyday so they will not easily fall for this trick anymore. Again, never focus on having keyword related domain names. These things do not work along and they would only put you in great debt if you push through with this crazy idea.

    Just so you know, a few rich individuals have gone ahead in buying all those domain names because of their lack of knowledge of true search engine optimization strategy. Purchasing thousands of domain names can’t be that bad if you have a lot of money to spare without having to go bankrupt. Effective search engine optimization strategy can bring you all those visitors that you need no matter what your domain name is.

    The Respective Roles Of Domain Names And Keywords In SEO

    Ken Yunk is truly a genius in making great profit out of the keywords that he has gathered. He has an accurate calculation on which topics and keywords would work best for your business. He gives reliable information indeed. Kent is someone who believes in the ineffectiveness of keyword related domains. He has little faith in these things simply because of this statement: If you have one million keywords at hand, can you pay for one million domains as well?

    Topic spaces are based on the keywords given while optimization goals are determined by those topic spaces. If you have a site that is all about car insurance, then you must not give a list of skin care tips in your blog. Simply explain your topic space well so you will not have to implement poor decisions that can lower down your ranking in most search engines.

    In simpler terms, the decisions you make should have search engine optimization as their supporting factor only. You must not make SEO as your decision itself. Again, the structure of your domain has less bearing on your search engine optimization strategies. Do not believe in the magic of keywords when it comes to your URL web pages.

    Your domain can only give you great brand value and that would be the time when it can be truly useful to your SEO plans. Other things considered, it still would not give you the traffic that you desire for your blog.

    Applying optimization to a brand can give you more visibility compared to modifying just a few keywords. Simply increase your site’s brand value and let your topic spaces blend in it for your blog to appear on almost all search pages.

    Example: Wikipedia

    Just take a look at Wikipedia. Its domain name does not contain any word that is related to the history of America. So what makes it a popular choice among Internet searches? Is it because the government of the said country created it? Maybe. However, the fact remains that the feature website does not have any history related phrase or word on its URL. So you see? You can make up a domain name that anyone would easily remember and emerge as one of the most successful organizations over the World Wide Web. You just need to focus on your content and online marketing strategies for you to reach your dreams.

    For your information, Wikipedia is actually not an official US blog. In fact, can give you more facts than Wikipedia yet the latter website ranks number one in most search engines. Well, the said site has its links to thank for and its huge popularity among searches all over the World. Its name is also something that can be retained in anyone’s memory very easily. Moreover, has a phony sound into it and its interface is not really that classy compared to that of Wikipedia.

    Do We Actually Have To Argue Further?

    Visit even a single Internet forum about marketing and try to start a conversation about keyword related domains and be prepared to be the latest laughingstock in town. You may even be blocked from the said website for that matter. Well, in this life, you can’t help but create mistakes from time to time yet you have to learn from those mistakes just like having a new perspective after you are done reading this article.

    A few affiliate marketers can be more aggressive than others and these people obviously do not focus on their domains. However, most marketers see keyword related domain names as unimportant factors. We are not forcing you to believe everything that we have tackled in this post but we are encouraging you to see the facts as they are and make wise decisions for your business.

    There is a thin wall that separates one’s obsession with keywords and using them to simply make your domain names a little bit attractive. So know the difference between the two sides of the story for you to know where you stand.

    Matched Domain Names

    Actually, matched domains can still help you in a small way. It can direct individuals who are always in a rush to your website simply because your URL contain the keywords that they have keyed in. Thus, it is not all disadvantages for keyword related domains. You just have to do certain things correctly for you to come up with a strategy that would make you get the most out of the domains that you have purchased.

    The Google Penguin Update

    Nevertheless, you still have to beware of the new Google Penguin Update since we all know that it has drastically changed the way we need to create those blog posts or articles. The said update is not a huge fan of matched anchor texts, mind you. Thus, watch every step that you take in this game.

    Link building is one of the areas in online marketing that has been modified by the Google Penguin. Maybe the said search engine has certainly had enough of all the scams and fraud that has been revolving in their platform. Thus, you have to be prepared for the new Google in order for your online business to survive.

    Bottom line is that you can use keyword related domain names if you believe in them. It can also be advantageous for you if you have the budget to purchase the domain name apart from your current one. If you do not, then just let your domain names stay as they are. There are a lot of search engine optimization methods that you can employ in order to achieve the highest page rank possible in search engine results page.


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