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  • SEO TIPS: Why You Need an SEO Writer, Part One

    You may have come to the conclusion that for one reason or another, you need a professional SEO copywriter to handle the content needs of your site and/or blog. Do you really know what a copywriter does and does not provide for you though? As odd as may seem to people familiar with working with copywriters already, there are quite a few misconceptions about what types of services they provide.

    The one, and only thing really, your copywriter is responsible for providing is copy. Some may do a little extra like pull an image for you to go with your content, but for that most part that is considered an extra service as it is not providing a textual resource. SEO friendly article writing and web copy are just two of the jobs your copywriter will need to be able to handle.

    Aside from web copy and SEO friendly content, where are at least half a dozen different writing styles which they will need to be proficient in to really make an impact for you. As is true in many other professions, one size does not necessarily fir all. Your SEO copywriter should be capable of adapting their writing style to varied SEO copy-writing requirements. Think of it like making sure the shoe fits the activity – you wouldn’t see a woman running a marathon in high heels after-all.

    WEBSITE CONTENT: You need excellent SEO content that fits your website. Website content is your primary concern. Solid website content needs to be both professional and personable whether you are selling a fun or casual product. In the case of formal and informational products/sevices, if you deal in a serious commodity or are a information based website you need content that matches that. SEO should be a priority, as well as easy readability . If your content can’t satisfy the needs of your visitors, it is no good to anyone.

    You need the marketing language to be implemented in a balanced way. The content must be convincing enough to present a strong call for action to the visitor, and at the same time reflect the professional brand of the company. This is not always an easy task, which is why experienced, professional, copywriters are invaluable commodities.

    BLOG WRITING: Blogs be more informal because they are designed to draw the reader in and get them to your site where you can convert. Funneling them from your blog to your main site is the main function they have, so you can play a little looser and esplore different angles of content presentation. Your copywriter can run a little wilder here, letting their own personality shine through and having fun at times – blogs are a great place for well directed humor. It’s all in how you use them.



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