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  • SEO TIPS: Understanding Ad Targeted Programs

    One of the first things you will realize about advertising your website online is that you will probably be dealing with one of the major search engine companies and their specialized ad targeted programs. These are almost impossible to avoid, and you don’t want to avoid them anyway in most cases if you are looking to grow big and grow fast. You’ll be paying for every time your ad is shown or clicked on, depending on the specifics of your plan. The most common forms involve purchasing specific keywords that you wish your ad to appear in response to. Let’s look at this closer.

    Regarding marketing a specific product, such as a natural cure for acne, you will want to target words like acnecure, acne remedy, etc. But you have to consider a number of factors before doing that. It may be possible that you don’t want people using your cure on their children for.

    r legal reasons, so exclude words such as ‘kids acne’  ‘kid acne treatment’, kid acne breakout, etc. Once you start to receive response to your ads you can refine your keyword list to maximize your traffic. it is a process that constantly evolves.

    When choosing your keywords, you have to step back and think of how people search. If you were searching for a product similar to what you are selling, what words would you use to find it? take out a pad and pen and start recording all the terms you would use and then analyze them to see what the competition is for each.

    One of the most common ways to pay for advertising is based on CPM, or ‘cost-per-thousand impressions’. (M is the Roman numeral for a thousand). An impression is the showing of your ad in response to a searcher using one or more of the keywords you specified. If you are being charged a rate of $25 CPM what that means is that you are charged $25 for every thousand times your ad is shown. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how much your ad is shown if you don’t have it targeted with the correct keywords.


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