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  • SEO Tips: Trade In Your MLM Plans For Real Online Marketing

    Every year or so there is the “hot new thing” online. Rarely, however, does that hot new thing last very long. Some do, and some continue on in varied permutations, but few make it. MLM  is one of those things that has lasted for a long time and is still around today – although it’s hardly new or hot anymore.

    Multi-level marketing, MLM,  was once the hot new thing on the block and everyone had to get involved with it somehow. Hundreds of opportunities sprang up overnight, allowing the people at the top of the heap to make millions before the lower tier participants wised up and took a step back, realizing finally, that they had been punched harder than Chris brown hits his dates.

    Times change. Since then, MLM has been a stuttering flame nearing extinction. Everytime we pronounce it dead it comes back for a moment and fades away again. There are always people gullible, or more likely desperate, enough to keep it going a little longer. Now, there is a whole new home based business solution emerging from the ashes. Is it worth getting involved in? Most would say no, but you’ll find gurus that swear it is the best and hottest new thing since, well, MLM – except now it’s totally different.

    Network marketing is the new improved way to gain residual income. You can market your own product or become a reseller for an affiliate – often with no necessary investment which is what draws so many people in. They think it is like making money for nothing, but the truth of the matter is quite different. The added advantage to affiliate marketing is that you never have to do after sales support – the product owner handles anything after you make the initial sale. It’s making the initial sale that the challenge lies in.

    If you’ve been involved in MLM before then please read on further. For those who have run the gauntlet of cold calling, hard selling and recruitment for years, internet network marketing seems like a dream come true. There is no product to buy, no chasing after reluctant leads – you can do your work at home or on the go, and you never have to punch a clock. It all seems so simple as if the money will just roll in on waves.

    Here’s the truth of it. The money can roll in. Eventually, you can get to where the process is simplified. Keep in mind though, this is just like any other home based business. Network marketing provides returns based on what you are willing to put into it in the way of time and personal effort. If you are determined to be your own boss, working up a strong affiliate program may be your ticket to the future you always dreamed of. If you plan to sign up and expect to get rich for showing up, you’ll be disappointed.

    This means would-be marketing professionals who want to run their own home based business have to find other avenues to generate that income. Fortunately, affiliate marketing can take the stress out of your life and put the fun back in! All you need is a website, a product or service and a good SEO. SEO is the key to it all – the better you rank the more you can potentially convert. SubmitEdge has the expertise to help you get started; linking packages, article writing and social networking services as well as their own reseller program.


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