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  • SEO TIPS: The Link Wheel is Legen – Wait for it – Dary!

    The link wheel is an incredibly powerful tool when it is properly built and used. Link building has been taken to a whole new level with the link wheel. With the link wheel, you can virtually create a whole corner of the internet connected to you and showing search engines that you are highly relevant and well respected. And the keyword to take from this is relevant! Without relevance, all the links in the world don’t matter in the new Google world order of search.

    A number of webmasters have heard of the link wheel,  but quite a few don’t understand how it works. Right now, the link wheel is the hottest tool in the link building industry. It even passes muster with the Google Penguin update. Knowing it is one of the best ways of building links in a natural way that Google likes to see makes it a valuable tool. The link wheel is a link building tool that (when used properly) has never – NEVER- caused a single site to be penalized or sandboxed. It’s hard to find any link building tool that can make the same boast and be as effective – especially these days.

    The way the link wheel works is based upon the power of extrapolation or multiplication to build links for your site. If you think it is too complex, relax! If your SEO firm is like SubmitEdge, they can help assist you every step of the way. Using the Link Wheel service will he

    lp you enhance your websites visibility in the SERPs. The highest quality link wheel service is run by SubmitEdge, which has over five years of experience in the SEO industry and SEM industry, has helped over 18,000 websites rank well in the search engines through various SEO Services, and created the most authentic, powerful version of the link wheel in existence! Many companies have copied the model, but SubmitEdge has mastered it! Beyond that, they can prove it!

    The Link Wheel model works well because it imitates the natural internet pattern of linking. That keeps your links from piling on a hundred or thousand at a time which will get you flagged almost immediately. Instead, the SERPS see natural link building that trickles in a little bit here and a little bit there. Instead of obtaining backlinks from unrelated websites or irrelevant sources, a link wheel gets your links from related niches on the internet which is what search engines reward.

    Before the link wheel came along, some SEO companies created hollow network websites to boost the ranking of particular websites. It was a neat concept, but the problem with those sites was that they raised a lot of suspicion. They don’t even have a prayer of working anymore. They had an artificial appearance. They all looked alike and pointed to the same site. If it doesn’t look natural, it is going to hurt you more than it could ever hope to help. The Link Wheel is the way around it all. Relevant links dynamically linked to each other working toward one goal. Google rewards it and will continue to because it is relevant link building at it’s best!


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