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  • SEO TIPS: The Blogger's Drive to Succeed

    blogger-vs-wordpress Blogging is easy on the surface, but there are times when even the best bloggers struggle. It’s not just a matter of coming up with the topics or getting the words out, sometimes it is about finding the time as well. usually, however, the problem arises when you have been blogging about the same topics over and over for several months, or even a number years, you don’t know where to go next.

    Have you ever felt like the cat got your tongue and you have nothing to say on your blog? If that is the case, you are nowhere near being alone, but the fact is that there is always something to say. It doesn’t always have to be strictly about your niche. The key is getting something out there on the web. When you find yourself in this position, try a few of these tricks to spur your creativity to create something that is still useful but a break from your norm.

    Ask yourself what the most common question is your clients ask – and then answer it. Doing a Q &A type of post is always a good way to get something out that people can use and enjoy. If you have done that already then move down the list of FAQs until you settle on something you haven’t addressed yet. Even if you answer the question from a different angle you are creating something of value because not everyone grasps concepts the same. maybe you can even do versions for beginners and for those who are a it more advanced.

    Another idea is to provide a little inside info on your industry? We’re not talking trade secrets here, but if your business is selling tires and you know the process used to make tires, why not share that information? People are always interested in topics that give them some extra insider type insight. You can even post something about what tire treads are the best for the weather and road conditions in your area. It may be common knowledge to you, but to someone that knows nothing more about tires than they need to be inflated, rotated and occasionally changed it could be very informative. The key is to be informative and maybe even a little entertaining with it.

    You always have something of value to share. Every single thing you put on the web doesn’t have to directly go to the sale. Call it the soft sell, staying connected or whatever you want, but make sure you keep getting something out there. You can lead people to the sale via a loop, a sides street or a leisurely drive with a post now and then. As long as you give people a reason to visit, you have a chance to convert!


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