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  • SEO TIPS: Taking Full Advantage of Email

    “You can reach millions!” “Triple your conversions with one email!” Increase traffic and conversions and make more money overnight!” if you've been on the Internet for a few minutes or you have an email account, the odds are you've seen similar boasts. Is it true? Is it that easy that one email blast can change everything overnight?

    Some will tell you it's true. There is widely touted emailing software that can send out millions of emails in one vast 'blast'. EBooks and articles and courses are being offered by 'gurus' who promise that you can gain millions of visitors from email marketing. In fact, over the past three months, there was an explosion of such behavior as people became convinced that bulk emailing was a holiday bestselling strategy. Here's the harsh truth though.

    Take a step back and a deep breath. An email 'blast&#

    039; is really not a healthy thing for your website at all. It will not only affect your server reputation, it could label you as a spammer. This can adversely affect your overall website health. It can ruin your brand name. The big email blast went out of style years ago.

    It may be tempting to engage in such practices to drive quick traffic to your website. This method is promoted and marketed under a number of terms including 'email marketing', 'email blasts' or 'bulk emailing' and many believe it is a legitimate marketing campaign you can use to contact people through emails telling them about your products and services. The truth is this is spam emailing. No one asked for anything from you so it is unsolicited and likely to hit the garbage or spam folders unread – and you paid for that.

    Here's the harsher reality – no one likes to get unsolicited mails in their inbox. Every email you send to anyone with a bulk tariff is costing them money, and they will quickly become irritated and shut you down – or worse, report you for spam in a heartbeat without hesitation. This is not how you grow traffic or convert.


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