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  • SEO TIPS: Striking a Balance

    There are some people that avoid SEO because they don’t have the facts about it. They may thin it’s too expensive too driven by luck or too time consuming. In actuality, it’s none of those things. Some of us try to stay away from SEO because the first thing that comes to our mind with regard to SEO is the expenses involved.

    Ironically, all of us want to have good ranking in Google and other top search engines but we would not like to take the necessary steps to get the required ranking. We’re all looking for some easy fast track to the top that can be implemented for one low price and that be it forever. That may exist in some things, but not SEO which is fluid and ever changing. Often we consider SEO as an expense rather than investment. In fact, spending money on SEO will be the most worthwhile investment you can make on your website’s promotion.

    The good news is that today we have various SEO services and the cost of the services ranges from few dollars to few thousands of dollars depending on what you are looking for. There is literally a plan to fit every budget. Besides that there are different pricing models available as well. You can channel your funds by choosing the pricing model. One of the best pricing model that is suitable for medium and large websites is monthly retainer model.

    If that doesn’t fit your needs specifically, then you can choose an SEO package that includes monthly maintenance as well. When you choose monthly retainer model, you don’t have to spend a huge amounts of money at a single go. You will be able to circulate funds from the profits you make. The downside of month to month is that you have little stability. You get what you get between the dated paid with no wiggle room and you can’t do much, if any, long term planning.

    For smaller websites project based pricing would work out to be best. Depending on your requirement you can choose project based packages. For example, you can choose article submission project, directory submission project or social bookmarking project. These are relatively low budget SEO efforts which you will certainly be able to afford. When you invest a little every month, you will soon start enjoying the cumulative effect of those efforts. You can also hire these services on contract basis which works more or less like project based pricing.


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