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  • SEO TIPS: Site Analysis

    Have you performed an analysis of your website lately, or ever? If it’s been awhile, or never, maybe now is the time to sit down and get a grip on exactly what is going on with your site. Just like you should go to the doctor on a regular basis to get checked out and make sure you are healthy, you need to do the same for your website. If you wait for things to beak rather than staying ahead of the game, it always takes more time, money and effort just to get back to ground zero than if you are being proactive.

    Many times over, we have discussed the importance of performing a thorough and complete website analysis as well as the different factors we have to take into consideration for website analysis. Once that is done, you must focus on competitive analysis as the next step to full optimization. Although the focus of website analysis is on our website, now the main concern is the actual site ranking against competition with other websites in the search engines.

    Competition has a slightly different connotation in the SEO world than it does in the offline world. Speaking in terms of our business competitors, they can indeed be part of the competition that we are discussing here. This is especially true if  they are affecting your position in the search engines. However, if your business competitor does not have a website then he is not to be considered part of your online competition. There is no point in focusing energy trying to beat someone online if they have no web presence.

    Let’s assume that your website is a brand new and you will be starting from scratch and will have no search rank history going forward. If you are revamping or relaunching an old site, you will have search engine history which will be your starting point or point of reference for the work to come as you follow this example we will be using.

    When you perform a competitive analysis, you start with your main keywords and check your position in the search engines and the top 10 websites that are listed for the same keyword or key phrase. It doesn’t matter if these are not local business competitors, they are still your competitors for that specific keyword.

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because someone is physically located 3000 miles away they are not competition. Online, they are your direct competitor. They may be offering the same or similar services that your or offering or selling the same product that you are selling. In rare cases, they will be in an entirely different field. It doesn’t matter, because what does matter is you are vying for the same search traffic.

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