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    Traffic doesn’t happen by accident. Everyone talks about traffic and generating traffic, but few people understand all that it takes to build stable long term traffic. Unless you are extraordinarily lucky, you will never have stable traffic just by being around. Building traffic is a discipline that takes a number of actions into account and mold them into a viable comprehensive strategy that can be implemented.

    before we talk about that, the first thing you need to think about when you launch a new website for your business is that you  take the necessary steps to drive traffic to your website. By this, we mean you really stop and begin taking into account what you believe you can honestly achieve and how you can get there in the most efficient manner.

    If you don’t have adequate traffic to your website, you cannot expect any business conversions which makes the process moot. This is no different than you would expect if you had a brick and mortar storefront that no one ever went into. The higher the traffic rate, the better the conversion rate. It really is that simple a concept. Driving traffic to your website is no easy task, but it is something you have to do. There is a huge industry, a lot of research and huge sums of money  involved in driving traffic to websites because it is that important.

    There are two ways to get traffic to your website – paid traffic and organic traffic. Both are  important for your website and you should know how to make use of both to improve your website’s online performance. You have to make an intelligent comparison to make the right choice all around. Everyone would love to rely solely on organic traffic, but the reality of the web is that it is not always an option. In many cases, what is best will change with time and may even change seasonally – and that is something you or your SEO/SMM team needs to keep tabs on.

    Driving traffic through paid traffic generation procedures like PPC will give you instant results which is very attractive to many webmasters with a new launch. That is undeniable. You will be able to drive traffic to your site within few hours actually and that is a major draw. Because of that, this is very useful method to drive traffic for brand new websites that are yet to gain popularity online and that are yet to get good rankings in the search engines. You need to start somewhere, and if you need to start fast and have a budget this works great. There is a downside to it all as well.

    The downside is that PPC programs can turn out to be a very expensive way of driving traffic to your website over the long run. It can be expensive in the short term as well and there really is no guarantee you will get conversions. You will have no real guarantee that the traffic that comes to your website will be highly targeted traffic. That is a major, undeniable problem. You will be paying per visitor irrespective of the fact whether your visitors are targeted or not. That is an important set of factors to keep in mind before jumping into PPC. You have to be prepared to throw a fair amount of good money after the bad.


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