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  • SEO TIPS: SEO for Real Estate

    There are a lot of webmasters that don’t focus on keywords enough. Some cite it as being too time consuming while others just don’t seem to ever get the hang of it. Did you know that you can optimize almost any article to include relevant keywords in less than an hour? All you have to do is a little research to figure out what keyword phrases to use.

    It is not an overly difficult task. If you have a site with solid link power and a good reputation, getting a new page to rank fast is a snap as long as you target the right keywords. It all depends on whether or not you’re willing to go a little further than the competition. Many niches are already overrun with big competitors monopolizing the most common keywords, but you don’t have to fight for a sliver of the big pie if you can have some of the smaller ones all to yourself. All it is all in how you look at things – little fish in a big pond, or big fish in a little pond. it is up to you.

    Consider looking at it this way.  If I am working on an article for a real estate website, the keyword phrases refinance, mortgage refinance and loan modification’ may be inundated with pages and pages from well known established sites. They have held their positions for years in some cases. Trying to rank for these phrases is going to be very hard! In fact, you are probably better off not even trying to rank for those as a primary goal.

    There is another way to go though. Type those phrases into Google’s research tool and brainstorm some addit

    tonal search terms to find keyword phrases with little or no advertising payouts. Make sure they have at least a little search traffic though. Run a test to see what pops up, and see if you think you can beat it. The results may really surprise you and change the way you think about moving forward.

    There will be some phrases won’t have enough search traffic to make it worthwhile to optimize for them. Anything with at least 24 searches a day is worth something, though, so take a look at them! That works out to a search an hour, or about 750+ searches a month. It may not sound like much, but it is nothing to sneeze at.

    Sticking with our original example of real estate, consider specifics, like ‘refinance a 1960′s home’, or ‘loan modification for elderly’ or ‘refinance your home while unemployed’. There is a market for nearly everything, all you have to do is identify it. Look for a few other keyword phrases with little or no results, and write your article.

    Make sure that you use a primary keyword phrase in the title, then write your article detailing as many specifics as possible around the tiny niche you are targeting and link to other pages in your site with more information and ads for revenue. Google will not penalize you for this and your visitors will get value from your site.

    This not only helps the client in the specific field that they are working in, it showcases a few other 1,000 or less searches per month keyword phrases you can take advantage of. Using more than one means that this article could be pulled up in response to a couple of different searches – and increases exposure on the search engine. This is the way you leverage traffic in a way that not only boasts the specific content, but your site as a whole.

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