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  • SEO TIPS: Remarketing Google Style

    Are you using Google analytics? Smart webmasters use Google analytics to improve their traffic by gaining insights into the type of visitors that come to their websites. To help novice and anyone needing a refresher class out, Google has conducted a webinar to help webmasters get more out of Google analytics under the title, ‘Remarketing with Google Analytics’.  The webinar is about a new feature that has been integrated to Google Analytics. watch?v=TCDZQgVSPVY&feature=player_embedded#t=0s

    So, what is remarketing all about? Remarketing with the Google Analytics feature allows webmasters will be able to show ads to website visitors which are specifically trageted to people that have shown an interest on the target website as they browsed other websites in the Google display network. This is basically like having the bility to al;ways get the right ads in front of the right audience so you can increase your bottom line as quickly as possible.

    By watching the webinar video you’ll be able to gain some key advantages to help you move your buisness forward. One of the big advantages is that you will be able to understand the overall benefits of the Remarketing with Google Analytics feature. You’ll also be able to get a hang of the new product by watching the live demo. More importantly, you can get help on setting up the Remarketing with Google Analytics for business guidelines and an overview og several key features.

    By using remarketing lists,  you have the ability to use one of the three preset visitor segments or set up you own custom segment of visitors. The available options are: all visitors, visitors to specific page or specific area of the website, visitors that complete a specific action and visitors that match specific criteria set by you. When you pick the visitor segment, you will be able to choose to whom you want to display the remarketing ads. If your visitor matches the criteria you opted for, they will have a cookie embedded when those visitors return to the Google Display Network. It’s really pretty simple.

    When the list reaches a minimum of 100 unique cookies, the system is triggered and Google will start displaying your remarketing ads. Prior to that, nothing happens, so it is important you work hard to reach the minimum initiation point. The new feature allows you to build and edit your remarketing lists in an intuitive user interface for sake of ease and speed.

    You will be able to follow up with people that have come to your website through the remarketing tool and deliver the ad content specifically targeted to the interests based on their previous visits. At the end of the day, that is what is most important. By being able to target specific audiences with content they have demonstrated an interest in, you should see conversions rates rise. Improving conversion rates is why we are all in the game, so it only makes sense that anyone who is serious is remarketing.

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