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  • SEO TIPS: Pretty on the Inside and Pretty on the Outside

    pretty_on_the_inside_300x190 It’s a given that people enjoying seeing things that look good whether it be people, cars or for that matter, websites. An attractive website is always going to get attention, but getting attention and holding someone’s attention are two very different things. Just like people or cars, a pretty package is nice, but it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most.

    Undeniably, there are quite a few good looking sites out there on the web. To some webmasters, that is what counts. They add a little content and see good early results which makes them think they have the riddle of SEO solved. Over time, however, some see that early positive push start to fizzle out and don’t know why. In some cases, the problem is content. Assuming you have quality content and have done nothing to incur the wrath of Google, what kind of problem could you be having with content? The problem is not having it appear correctly in the majority of such cases.

    The key to content is how fast you build it needs to be controlled by quality. You never want to get so caught up in quantity that you forget quality or you will see rather quickly that you can barely maintain your SERP positions if at all. The content on your site is valuable to the user when you provide quality. Over time as Google continues to take user experience into account in their ranking algorithm, you’ll see positive changes to your ranking which cannot be attained any other way.

    The next key is that you have to look towards optimizing your content for Search Engines like Google and BING, but not at the expense of putting content in front of your visitors that doesn’t actually help them. When you concentrate only on getting pages up fast that are stuffed with keywords – that is spamming your own site! Why would you ever want to do that to yourself or your customers?

    Take a look at what YOU would like to see in a website and then aim to deliver that. Be consistent and provide high quality as your guidelines and your site will grow steadily and gain a good reputation for the long term outlook. It may not be sexy and it may not be exciting, but it is the method that always works.

    Once you decide how much content you can produce/afford per month, it is time to create a posting schedule. If you have four new pages a month, then post one per week instead of all at once. If you have ten, post one every three days. If you have thirty, post one a day. If you have one hundred twenty, post four per day. Just do the math and stick to the interval it provides. This will keep fresh content in front of your visitors and the spiders crawling your site regularly.

    If you can follow these tips for better SEO and site construction, you should see slow steady gains month after month. If you don’t feel you have the skills or time to do this on your own, contact a reputable, proved SEO company that can implement an effective strategy for you.



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