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  • SEO TIPS: Optimization "Formulas"

    SEOs are often asked if there is a magic formula to using keywords that gets the best results? The short answer is that it depends on several factors. There are different styles of articles, and dozens of assorted ‘optimization formulas’ to choose from – even more if you count the lesser known ones. Some contend that you have to have a specific keyword density, to include the keywords in the first sentence , a specific range of how many words are in  the article, the title, the closing, each paragraph, etc. The best thing, however, is to make sure your content does attract attention, because it is focused on being HELPFUL and RELEVANT to reader more than the indexing spiders.

    How To articles are good for SEO because people search using the term ‘how to—’ and because the articles or very helpful. People enjoy articles that provide clear formulaic instructions. Be sure to include a source where readers can get more information if they desire, or to other articles you’ve written on the topic already that are online. Set yourself up as an online expert in your field! A good reputation as the person with the answers is your passport to success!

    People love lists, so think of top ten lists or best of lists. Lists are not only fun, they are informative, and can be very interactive if you set them up properly. Begin each list with a short introduction, deliver your list, then sum it all up with a comment. Put the numerals in the title people will usually search with a “5” rather than “five” in most cases. Just a tip for more traffic.

    Play the role of devil’s advocate by setting up a premise and then demolishing it in order to show your own way of approaching the question. A little controversy and getting involved with a discussion can do wonders to get you traffic and return visits. This is a great way to address controversial practices or methods, and can begin with a question like – Does “XYZ” Really Work? The you can ‘debunk’ the premise, and offer your own solution which if possible leads to something you offer so you can build more conversions.

    You can answer questions with examples. A great example (see what we did there?) would be  ‘Should I Outsource My SMM Work?’ and then help your readers decide by sharing a few short success stories. Make sure to then offer your help. Use statistics to add authority to what you are saying, and don’t be  shy about leaving the forum open for feedback. it’s the feedback that keeps the discussion live and gets the link for it passed around.

    It takes a little work and some practice, but you can increase traffic and still keep it all tied in to your business. Focus on the quality of the content, and everything else will take care of itself. If you have any problems making it all work just the way you want, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced, reputable SEO for guidance.

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