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  • SEO TIPS: Metrics Matter

    In SEO, like most any business, metrics matter. If you get a little lazy or flat out ignore the importance of tracking metrics or interpreting them, you will not be able rework your SEO strategies to achieve better results as needed. When by using your metrics, you have identified the weakest pages, you need to make necessary efforts to boost those weak pages so that you have a well-balanced ranking for the entire website. If you want to be successful in your business, you should learn to interpret the metrics to make it possible to improve the results. If you don’t, all you are doing is guessing and more often than not you will guess wrong.

    Statistics may seem boring to you, but they will give you lot of valuable information regarding the behavior of your website visitors to your website. If most of your visitors are from social media websites and article directories, then it shows that your off page optimization efforts and search engine marketing are garnering better results for your website. You can choose to ignore it, but then you would be missing out on optimizing that aspect of your promotional efforts for your website.

    All of the metrics are important in their own way, but one of the metrics that you should track constantly is the figures on the entry page. This will give you a wealth of insights about the nature of your visitors and serves as an invaluable indicator as to which aspect of your SEO efforts is bearing more results. Once you identify the strongest pages in your website, a number of factors fall under your control and you can easily work on them to get better search engine ranking for your website. You absolutely have to work to improve your weakest pages, but you cannot ignore your strongest pages and assume they will remain that way. Your strongest pages bring in traffic and lead to conversions. If you aren’t converting, there isn’t any point to being in business.
    Visitor demographics are also an extremely important piece of data that you need to pay attention to. Webmasters need to closely follow their website’s visitor data. You can also find the weakest pages in your website by using this information. If you are not paying attention to your metrics, you will end up losing all the prospective leads to your competitors. It is no different online than it is in the offline world – you need to know your client base. As far as SEO is concerned, remaining in the same position is equivalent to going back on your results as long as you are not in the top 5 positions. You have to constantly push forward until you are above the fold and hopefully at the top of the rankings. This will help you find your visitors location. Your website’s visitor data will help you quantify your level of success with your SEO efforts so you have all the relevant information you need.
    A good tip to focus on is to concentrate on making your keywords stronger for local searches by using geographic qualifiers. If your service or product is limited to local destinations, getting visitors from overseas destinations will not bring you the desired results. It doesn’t matter how many people from India visit your restaurant website if you are located in Canada.  Another important type of data that you should track is the referring websites. This also helps you know more about your visitor’s habits so you can better serve what they are searching for.


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