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  • SEO TIPS: Linkbuilding as a Science

    Why Is It Important To Have Side-wide Back Links Linking is not just sending out piles of requests or trying to jam your URL into any page you can find on the web that will accept it. Linking is, to a degree, a science. There are formulas that work exceptionally well, but at the end of the day, each case is individual and requires something a bit different. Relevance matters. Quality matters. Quantity is nice, but only if it also fits the relevance/quality requirements.

    Link building is a delicate art, and one that determines how far your reach is. Don’t be taken in by ‘gurus’ offering sure-fire linking. When in dire straits, hire an SEO firm to provide you with a complete link building package based on proven methods and results rather than jumping on the bandwagon and following the lemmings off of the cliff. What does and does not play in the world of link building is always changing, and because of that you need to work with people that are always on top of those changes and looking forward to what is on the horizon. What you don’t need is the SEO equivalent of a carnival barker, the guru.

    What can you do to get links though? You can always use incentives to get people to link to you. Ask folks to follow you, Tweet about you or Fan you on Facebook or blog about you in return for a t-shirt. It sounds crazy, but it works. You’ll be amazed at all the high quality links you can get. Be careful to frame your promotion in the form of a contest or a free giveaway to keep it from looking like you are paying for links and that could hurt your reputation in the long run.

    The key to it all is to do it right. Don’t always look for the easy road. Once again (because this is important) don’t be cheap. It will cost you more money in the long run, as it takes ten times the amount of shoddy work to achieve the same amount of results as smaller campaign run by a professional link building service. Quality matters! We can’t say that enough because it is that important!

    Work with the best. Hire reputable SEO firms, not gurus, and use high quality copywriters instead of depending on $10 articles that are keyword stuffed and bring no real value. Invest in keyword research, and enable your site to appear high up on the SERPs through proven methods instead of fly by night schemes. It is always cheaper and easier to do things right the first time.


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