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  • SEO TIPS: Keep Content Enganging

    Julianne-Hough-in-Footloose-2011 When it comes to the online world and remaining relevant, fresh content is what makes it all happen. You can’t sit around posting just when you feel like it or recycling the same old thing over and over expecting that you are going to wow the SERPs or your visitors. You need to give them something fresh – even if fresh is just a different take on the same topic. The SERPs are won by consistent quality content being posted to your site – not the same old post whenever you feel like it.

    With that said, adding fresh content regularly to websites does create some challenges. It may not be the best option to keep changing the home page content every few weeks as this will confuse your websites visitors that come back to your website. By the same token, you can set aside certain sections of your home page for regular updates and changes which is usually very easy to do and keeps everything looking fresh and engaging.

    Another great tip is adding a blogs section where you can post interesting information about your website. When you do this, blogs should be integrated to your website rather than maintaining a standalone blog to reap the maximum benefits. This will help you post fresh content to your website regularly without affecting the original structure or the integrity of your website and your home page. For most webmasters, this is the perfect win-win solution to what can be a tricky situation.

    Also keep in mind that when search engine bots visit your website, they will look for the latest changes for indexing. If your website returns no changes month after month and year after year, then it gives no reason for the search engine bots to visit your website. This will affect your website’s online performance. The frequency of visits from search engine bots will drop and your latest updates may take a long time to reflect in the search engines. This is situation that will sink you quicker than a ton of bricks.

    On the other hand, search engine bots will visit your website frequently if they see regular updates in your website which allows to to climb the SERPs quicker. They will know that something is happening at your end and that it is not a dead site. It is a cue that they have something to let people know about which is exactly what you want. Your website’s ranking will also increase over a period of time by keeping fresh content rolling in. Set a schedule and stick to it – it will make all the difference in the world!

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