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  • SEO TIPS: Internal Navigation and Usability

    cialis cheapest priceght=”300″ />If you want to reach your SEO goals regarding search results and a strong PageRank, you have to pay careful attention to details so that you don‘t make costly errors to slow that progress down. There are many factors that you might look upon as being insignificant that could very well turn out to be factors that kill your online performance before you‘ve had a chance to establish yourself. Let’s take a quick look at some of the common mistakes found in websites. If you find the same mistakes in your website, you need to get to the task of fixing them ASAP!

    One of the biggest problems you find in performing websites is poor navigation and poor usability issues. Poor navigation makes it difficult for the search bots to crawl your website completely. If they can only perform a partial crawl, you only get a partial indexing. This will not only affect the search engine indexing, it makes it hard for anyone visiting your site to figure out how to find what they are looking for. That makes for a really high bounce rate.

    The home page on your site is the most likely one to be listed in the search results so it rquires some extra attention. When people visit your homepage it should be easy for them to find the most important information in your website quickly and easily. Your online visitors are impatient usually and won’t spend a lot of time searching for the information they need

    . If they can’t find it quickly, they’ll look for it on another site. Your website should have an intuitive architecture, with pertinent information clearly visible so users don’t have to look for information. Anything less than that and you’re not likely to do well as your site grows and changes.

    Another thing to look at is whether or not users have to register in order to enter your website and sign in to use certain features of your website, the signup and sign in box should be on the right side of the upper half of your page – because that is where internet user’s eyes will search for signup button. All of the major websites have the sign in box in this location. Internet users are accustomed to looking in the same place on other websites for similar information. By being uniform with those larger and more familiar sites, you immediately exude a certain sense of familiarity and you don’t lose people only because they can’t figure out where to log in.

    Another fairly common mistake is to use too many images on your page. It may look nice, but it does nothing for your SEO to fill up the page with nothing but images The web hosting industry is well known for their cluttered home pages. Besides filling their homepage with images, they even include their web hosting plans in the images which defeats the purpose. This leaves search engine bots with very little content to index if any at all. because of that, their search ranking can be very low or almost non-existent . Review your website to see if you’re are guilty of using are too many images or Flash. If so, then you should add enough content to your homepage and to other pages that do not have enough content to make them more valuable from an SEO standpoint which is what will get you the traffic you need to convert.


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