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  • SEO TIPS: Hiring an SEO Company

    No matter what it is, someone will find a way to exploit it if there is enough money in it. SEO is no different. Any number of self-proclaimed experts and gurus will sell them self as being the authority to the world of SEO, but if you ask them directly about what SEO consists of, few if any can ever answer that. It is a problem that hasn’t gone away over the last decade and doesn’t appear to be on the way out anytime soon.

    With the term Search Engine Optimization being paraded around in hopes most people won’t know what it really consists of, scam artists are making bank by promising the moon and delivering nothing. Submitedge is a reputable SEO company that has seen many clients of other less honest businesses come running to their real SEO services after being burned by these same scam perpetrating firms. It’s a shame it happens so frequently, but it’s good that help is available.

    Self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” have made unrealistic promises and offered guaranteed rankings, using less than desirable tactics to any number of clients year after year. When things don’t work, they shrug it off and blame it on the Google Gods. “What can you do?”  Submitedge is a 100% ‘white hat’ SEO firm, unlike these scam based offerings from ‘black-hat’ SEO firms continue to fool customers into thinking they can rank fast, high, and pay only pennies. Times have to change.

    Instead of taking the advice of some halfwit  “SEO guru” who claims he can make all your dreams come true, do your own research so you understand SEO and can avoid getting pulled into a scam. The best defense against SEO scams is learning more about the subject, or at least knowing what ‘red flags’ to look for when an SEO company starts making grandiose claims that could result in a scam

    SEO is simply hard work and man-hours spent doing the necessary jobs of content creation, link building, and so on. Anyone can do SEO – most people just don’t have the time, which is why companies like Submitedge exist! Any legitimate SEO company should be able to explain exactly what (if anything) they will do to your site, as well as describe their link building strategy. If they dodge your questions, suspect a scam.

    Now that you know what claims to ignore, come to Submitedge and ask about our white hat SEO practices. in over 5 years and after having worked on 18,000 websites,  we have managed to get front page Google ranking for thousands of keywords, and our clients never have to worry about black hat scams or getting banned by Google. SEO is a slow process – so beware any company that promises ‘results in 48 hours’. Don’t get roped in by a scam – use Submitedge and get honest work that produces great results!

    SEO is complex and time consuming that in order to achieve results, real work must be done on an ongoing basis. Any results created by a ‘free trial’ are almost certain to be a scam brought on by the so called ‘SEO expert‘, and will result in you being damaged by black hat practices. If in order to give you a “free trial” they request your FTP username/password or ask for access to your hosting account, RUN. They will likely ruin your website and demand money to repair it! Submitedge will only ask for access to your website for onsite SEO and you will have a written contract with us by that time holding us liable and ensuring we do your site no harm.

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