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  • SEO TIPS – Hire It Out Or DIY?

    Theory versus practice. How often have you heard that something will work – in theory? What that usually means is that someone has an idea that their data says should work, but it’s never been put to the test in practical terms so no one really knows for sure. Theory is good. A lot of great practical application has developed from theory. The question is, when it comes to your money, are you willing to sink it into something that theoretically should work or something that has been proved?

    it’s no secret that there is and always has been a great tussle between these two things – Knowledge vs. Practice. Irrespective of the fields that you choose, the clash persists between these two. It’s like the clash of the Titans without all the cool special effects.

    The same applies to the SEO field as well. There are people that have ideas, or theories about SEO and those who know about SEO from doing it. It is easy to acquire knowledge about SEO. In reality it is a simple and straightforward field. The basics of SEO can be covered in just few days. However it takes an intelligent mind to put various SEO concepts together to come up with powerful SEO strategies. Again, where will you put your money – in theory or in practice?

    On the other hand, the practice of SEO takes one’s lifetime. It is one of the slowest web processes imaginable and it is always changing. While the world of the internet is loved for its ability to do every thing fast and instantly such as email, live chat, web conferencing, online shopping, downloading of information and music instantly right at one’s desk, ordering pizzas and other stuff in just few clicks, ranking in search engines takes several months.

    Here is the fact about SEO that gurus do not want you to know. We cannot expect the same speed with which we accomplish things using the internet to be present in SEO too. This is one of the major limitations of SEO that we should be mindful of. SEO is not some kind of snap your fingers magic. it doesn’t instantly arrive with the click of the mouse. SEO is a never ending process.

    Beyond that, you should be highly discerning when it comes to SEO practices to find out what will work for one’s website and what will not work. SEO is like clothing – one size never truly fits all. It may come close and it may look good, but it may not necessarily be the best thing for you. Many things in SEO depend upon the level of competition that is involved for a niche or keyword. It also depends on the target market. So, SEO practice should also be mindful of all these variables. if you don’t weigh all the factors carefully, you can’t succeed unless you are the recipient of dumb luck.



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