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  • SEO TIPS: High PR Links

    Many webmasters have very little idea of how to improve PageRank even though it really is not that difficult to do.  You won’t be able to go from PR0 to PR5 in two months, but you can gradually build toward getting there by following some simple steps.  What is the answer to the question, “How do I improve my website’s PageRank? Website owners have been trying to improve PageRank, or PR since they day it became public – and have asked this question over and over. Many spend several years to reach their dream PR number. What is the trick that will get the desired results?

    Google uses somewhere in the area of 200 factors to determine rank for websites and to assign PR. Getting a good PR is achievable only by using an organic approach – gaaming the system never lasts long. One of the most important factors to boost your site’s PageRank is link building. Google values websites with many relevant back links and even assesses your website’s importance to a certain extent using the number of other websites on the web that are linking to you.

    Why does Google use backlinks as one of the factors? Offline, authors who want to establish their point while writing will refer to the works of other writers. They will also do this for credibility’s sake. A writer’s work was often assessed based on the extensiveness of its usage in the literary world by the other respected writers. Getting links from authority sites and other websites with good PR, is  an indicator of the importance of your own website. This is one of the main reasons why people spend thousands of dollars on link building and in getting links from websites with high PR. The key to it all is that they links need to be relevant – they can’t just be random links from around the web.

    It has also known that the age of the website has a certain say in the PR. What has the age of the website to do with the PR? A  lot of webmasters started misusing their knowledge of linking by launching temporary sites creating a network for links. To curb this misuse, Google’s algorithm has a way of associating the age of the website to its PR. This way, a load of irrelevant links from brand new sites count for very little if anything at all, while a single link from an authority site that has been around awhile counts for much more.

    Try to get links from websites that are relevant – we cannot say this enough times. It makes more sense for a logo design company to get links from a web design company than from a car wash website. Links from websites that are relevant to your website will be able to boost your PageRank better than links from unrelated websites. Sticking with the relevant linking practices will boost your PR much faster than trying to fool the algorithm with thousands of temporary links.

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