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  • SEO TIPS: Going Forward Part Two

    (continued from yesterday)… what content based SEO should YOU be doing?

    Do…? What…? Why…? Should…? Answer questions.

    Everyone has a question they need an answer to. rather than a generic search on just the keyword, they will phrase a search as a question. See our above example and think like a searcher. Internet browsers are often looking for answers about topics in your niche or field, and this means you have the opportunity to make your site or blog or article the valuable resource they are looking for. This is more of just giving people what they want packaged in a way they will easily find it.

    “Do Inbound Links Help PageRank?”, “What Kind of Internal Site Structure Works Best?”, “How Do Spammers Target Websites?”, and “Should Hire an SEO Firm or Go In House?” These are perfect examples of the types of niche questions people might ask.

    Be Funny – It Really Is Okay!

    There is nothing wrong with giving people a good laugh now and then. People love to laugh! Humor your audience. When you make them laugh, they come back, link in, and tell their friends. This is one of the most underutilized tactics out there because people simply do not get how powerful it can be. They think, erroneously, it will somehow tarnish their reputation. Tell a true anecdote, make up a funny joke, or offer to print contributions. Combine the other methods listed above – and be a little silly. It really does work so don’t be afraid to try it!

    “Top Ten Things NOT To Do With Your Laptop”, “How To Make a Black Hatter Into a Mad Hatter” or “Why Shouldn’t You Pay for Links and Buy Traffic?” Put your own spin on them and have some fun. You’ll enjoy it as much as your visitors will.


    A picture, or graph or whatever visual aid you use is worth a thousand or two words. People like pictures – that is the flat out truth. The title of and text surrounding your images (both pictures and videos) can be optimized to add value to your site. Don’t forget this step or you’re not getting the best bang for your buck.

    All of the above hooks can be used for this type of visual content as well: Instructional videos on how to do things, pictures of curious or hilarious things or funny video clips are a great way to get people to your site in a good mood and ready to surf around adn see what else you have on offer. The other aspect is that images are one of the most shared types of content on social networks – don’t underestimate how much a good image can drive engagement.

    Don’t get stale either. Give people something fresh in the way of your layout now and then. You don;t need to be drastic, even a new color scheme will help liven things up now and then. You can always move things around, and make your website new and interesting. Keep one spot on your home page to feature something new each week, and use your blog as a place to start discussions and find out what draws attention.

    Keep up with what everyone else is interested with and cash in on trending topics! Pay attention to topics that fall under the reference ‘what is hot’ and try to figure out how it links in to your topic. You will see it pay off in links, traffic and rankings! Even if you have a pearl jewelry website, you can still take advantage of Michelle Obama’s latest appearance if you can mention she was wearing a Jackie O style choker! It’s not that hard to do once you get in the swing of things. Take advantage of what opportunities you have and you will be rewarded!

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