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  • SEO TIPS: Going Forward Part One

    Building the framework of your site is exciting. in many ways, it isn’t that unlike watching a living, breathing thing take shape and come to life. The framework, however, is just that – a skeleton. So once you have your site or blog up and ready to get running, you start adding widgets and gadgets and RSS feed and all sorts of neat “gee whiz” type things, but what you can’t forget is the meat that goes on the skeleton which is…


    Content is the lifeblood of a site and you have to keep adding strong, informative content on a regular basis while pushing the link building. The best thing about content is it can build links organically – while unfortunately links don’t build content. Excellent content begets excellent backlinks – or at least it has the potential to. What kind of content though? What draws people in and gets them reading and sharing and as important – coming back?

    The answer is multifaceted. One important factor is publishing fresh new content regularly. This is the best way to keep getting yourself noticed. It puts you on the front lines for the spiders, and keeps people coming back which is exactly what you are looking to do. Your titles need to reach out and catch the consumers’ eyes though – and there are a few ‘hooks’ that are tried and true. These are our favorites.

    Top Lists

    There is no denying that people love lists. They actually go online and search for lists, especially if they want to find a lot of good information all in the same place. Check the keyword analysis for “Top 10”. “Top 5” or pretty much top anything type lists and see how much action they generate. Take advantage of that when you can. Some sites have even sprung up that do nothing but specialize in lists. The words ‘ways to’ or ‘best’ are helpful to target your audience:

    “Top Ten Ways to Improve Site SEO” could be one, or “Top Five Best PageRank Checkers”.

    “How To . . .”

    Searches on ‘how to’ do things or find things or make things are a favorite of searchers as well. It makes sense – people tend to type the phrase in the search bar the way it is in their head. They think “How to fix broken links” and that is exactly what they search. Don’t know how to fix indexing problem? Go online. Wondering about finding company to help you maximize your online profile? We can help with that, too! Think like a person searching the web and then create what they would look for. It really is as simple as it sounds.

    Here are some examples to further demonstrate the point. “How to get your site indexed by Google”, “How to get organic links”, “How to Find a Reputable SEO firm”…see what I mean? This really is not rocket science. You can do this. Just think about how people search the web.

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