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  • SEO TIPS: Getting a Bigger Piece of the Pie

    Any article can be optimized to include relevant keywords in less than an hour. You may need to do a little research to figure out what keyword phrases will be the best for you to use, but that is not a big deal really or very difficult to do. If you have a site with solid linking and a good reputation, getting a new page to rank fast is a snap as long as you target the right keywords in the right way.

    There is no denying that many niches are overrun with big competitors snapping up the most common keywords and leaving everyone else in the dust, but you don’t have to fight for a sliver of the big pie if you can have some of the smaller ones all to yourself. That is something anyone can do if they know how to first. For instance, if I am writing an article for, say, a auto dealership website, the keyword phrases refinance, auto finance and loan modification’ may be inundated with pages and pages from well known established sites. Trying to rank for these phrases is going to be very hard and maybe not even possible!

    There is hope though – simply type these phrases into Google’s research tool and brainstorm some additional search terms to find keyword phrases with little or no advertising payouts and at least a little search. See  what pops up and if you think you can beat it. Some phrases won’t have enough search traffic to make it worthwhile, but some will be surprisingly high on search and low on competition. You won’t know unless you give it a try.

    In the case of auto dealerships, consider specifics, like ‘finance a 1990′s Corvette’, or ‘loan available for new car buyers” or ‘buying a vehicle no down payment.” Find some other keyword phrases with little or no results, and write your article. Use a primary keyword phrase in the title, then fill out your article using as many specifics as are possible around the tiny niche you are targeting. Make sure to link to other pages in your site with more information and ads for revenue. it sounds easy because it actually is if you are willing to do the research.

    If ‘used Corvette loan” gets 15,000 clicks per month, and you show up on page three after a lot of work building links and fighting your way up, you might get ten searches a month that click through to your site – MAYBE. You’re not going to get rich living on page three. If that is the case, you have to realize that you may not have what people want.

    If there are even just 100 searches for ‘auto loan for seniors’ each month, and you get almost every single one to click through to your site, you have a considerably bigger piece of the pie! This shows you are giving people what they need – and they will likely stay and browse through your site. Targeted traffic is good for your search and great for your conversions.

    You can expect article like this, submitted to article directories or posted as a webpage on your site, to increase your traffic as they shoot to the top of Google. Keep expanding, and even if you only get a few clicks per day, if you have enough long tail pages ranking high it will be well worth it! The key is to make sure you stick with it, continue link building, and continue to search for those underserved niche audiences.

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